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  3. Cars. Evo 8/9. Basically the same car dude. An 8 is a bit cheaper on maintenance, (spark plugs!). Other than that it's just preference. Pictures on all for sale/for trade threads is being enforced! 09-24-2014, 11:00 AM #4

IG - @thatWillSanders@that_Enzo_and_LotusThe Basics of Car Washing: You can always get crazy but this is the bare minimum in my opinion.Bucket(s) https://amz.. Just because Evo's have depreciated and are now seen as affordable doesn't mean it's affordable and a smart financial choice. Factor in the cost of the car as well as maintenance. TAKE YOUR TIME. Do not rush it. 8/9's still go for 17K-30K (depending on mileage, condition, etc.). I just picked up an 03 with 70K miles for $14K, and it needs a.

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  1. Evo 8/9. Browse: Sort By: Parts for your evo 8/9. Air Intake Temperature Sensor $ 29.00 Buschur Racing Double Pumper Evo 8/9 $ 545.00 DIY Tech Support $ 100.00 E-85 Flow Through Flex Fuel Sensor $ 179.00 Evolution Dynamics 2.0L 4G63 Short Blocks.
  2. Question for evo 8 owners or possibly evo 9. How much has it costed you guys in recent years to replace the clutch and flywheel for an evo 8? Someone I know seems to think it would be 4k USD because of the labor cost. I'm curious as to how much you guys think it would be or what it has costed you. 0 comments
  3. This is a flex fuel kit for converting your evo 8 or 9 to run with flex fuel. The kit includes adaptors to mate with the stock fuel hard line, a line to the flex fuel sensor, the line from the flex fuel sensor to the stock fuel rail and the adaptor for the stock fuel rail. Also includes the bracket for the flex f

Time to fill you in on all the details of the Mitsubishi Evo 8 or 9, also known at the CT9A chassis. I did so much research before buying my Evo 9 that I pu.. Since you already have a 10 inch DOB, I would probably recommend the EVO 8. The 9.25 is a monster. Edited by whizbang, 16 July 2020 - 06:16 PM. ewave and JJack like this Back to top #10 B l a k S t a r B l a k S t a r. Apollo. Posts: 1,320; Joined: 02 Dec 2017 New cars come and go, but with MAP's massive catalog of Evo 8/9 parts and accessories, it's easy to make your favorite carwell, evolve. While most of the world got to experience the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution at some point in the 1990s, it wasn't until 2003 and the Evolution 8 that the U.S. got its hands on the compact sport sedan.. For reference, a stock 2003 Evo VIII makes about 205whp on this dyno. A stock IX and X both make in the vicinity of 215-220. Here is an overlay of my car and Eric's IX from the pictures. He just ordered some Ultimate Racing bits of his own, so his car should pick up a good bit of power after installation and retune

Evo 8/9 Front Lips: More info: Bay Speed Aero Bs Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip - EVO 9. All Aero Dynamic kits are made out of a high quality plastic-fiber glass or poly-urethane and comes with wire mesh grill if applicable. The Bay speed plastic-fiber glass or poly-urethane structure provides maximum sta.. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, commonly referred to as 'Evo', is a sports sedan based on the Lancer that was manufactured by Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors from 1992 until 2016. There have been ten official versions to date, and the designation of each model is most commonly a Roman numeral.All use two litre turbocharged inline four-cylinder engines and all-wheel drive systems Listed below are gear ratios for the EVO 8 / 9 5-Speed Transmissions. The chart calculates vehicle speeds based on the gear ratio, final drive ratio, and tire size. As you can see, the upgraded 4.0 final drive ratio is 11.69% taller, per gear, than the standard OEM final drive! We have also had numerous people asking u. ECU Flash Training: Mitsubishi Evo 8 & 9. Want to know how to tune a Mitsubishi Evolution 8 or 9? We have you covered with this multi-part training course that shows you how open source software works, how to properly edit and work with rom riles, xml definitions, and how the tables within the stock ECU function. We take both a formal approach. Evo 8-9 Non-ACD and ACD Transfer Case Staged Rebuilds: All rebuild pricing below reflects the cost of labor and parts only. All shipping costs are additional. WI sales tax rate is 5.1% for in-state sales. Return shipping costs typically are $50.00-$60.00 for insured FedEx Ground shipping, packaging and materials

Either an Evo 8/9 caliper with 12.6 rotor or an Evo X caliper with 13.1 rotor combo. I have a freshly powdercoated set of 9 calipers and the currently available brackets, but don't want to have to cut/drill/grind anything out of them which would severely limit resale options. Since the EvoX rotor is a bit bigger, I was hoping to get a new. 1000cc FIC Mitsubishi DSM or EVO 8/9 Fuel Injector Clinic Injector Set (High-Z) Next 1200cc (Previously 1100cc) FIC Mitsubishi DSM or EVO 8/9 Fuel Injector Clinic Injector Set (High-Z) Availability: In Stock; Product Code: IS126-1200H; Product viewed: 868; $540.00; 0 reviews Write a review. Qt

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The STM Stock Replacement Exhaust Manifold for the Evo 8/9 is tig welded in-house of large 1.5 schedule 10 stainless steel and is a direct-replacement manifold for your factory turbo, or other stock-frame turbos such as the FP Red & Black ISR performance EVO 8/9 bolt-on turbo kit is designed to use a factory Mitsubishi Evolution 8 or 9 turbo capable of 335hp-365hp or a bolt-on upgraded turbo for the evo 8 or 9 capable of 400hp-500hp+ with supporting mods. (pistons, rods, bearings ect.) This kit is designed with factory placement in mind so your intake Performance T-Case Build Service - EVO 8-9. This is for ACD and NON-ACD. The difference between the Standard and this Performance build is this one includes the Jacks Trans Spec Ring and Pinion Gear Set along with additional upgrades for greater reliability above OEM power levels. New ACD Seals (Piston and Hub) are available, if needed Gruppe-S Gauge for 52mm gauges Left Hand Drive EVO 8/9. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 17. $160.00. $160. . 00. $9.99 shipping. Only 2 left in stock - order soon

When installing Evo 8 or 9 Pistons in your DSM Block, MAKE SURE Piston points tward the front of the engine. Rod Tangs should be on the exhaust side. You will notice that exhaust relives are backwards compared to a DSM Piston, this is how do the swap. The reason we do not point valve relives in the correct position, is because of the .040 wrist. Evo 8 is a better thing. The first Evo of each series are always the ones to avoid (ie Evo 1, Evo 4, and Evo 7) as far as motorsport goes. The Evo 3, 6 and 9 are the pick of the bunch for each series Boost Lab EVO-8/9 TD06HR-25G Billet Turbocharger **Introductory Sale Price & Free Shipping** This is the PERFECT OEM Upgrade turbo for both street and track use for the EVO 8/9.. Overview. Introducing the new BL TD06HR-25G Billet turbocharger for the Mitsubishi Evolution 8/9

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  1. Power, torque, weight, top speed & 0-60 times. Specs of EVO 1, EVO 2, EVO 3, EVO 4, EVO 5, EVO 6, EVO 7, EVO 8 and EVO 9 including limited edition models & RS, GSR & FQ model
  2. AF Evo 8/9 Forward Facing Hotparts Kit. Evo8/9 Forward facing manifold. •A/C Delete. •To Retain AC, custom condensor is required (does clear A/C compressor) • Requires Half Radiator, if using a Hood exit exhaust setup, we recommend a Mishimoto Half radiator with the outlet far to the driver side to avoid clearance issues with the exhaust.
  3. um 2-Row Racing Radiator - CT9A. 4.7 out of 5 stars 5. $106.88 $ 106. 88. Get it as soon as Fri, Jul 9. Energy One Bt-9 Big Twin Evo Clutch Kit. $124.95 $ 124. 95. FREE Shipping

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  1. 22618. AUTOMETER EVO 8/9 DUAL GAUGE POD. Autometer Gauge Pods provide a great fit and finish. They easily mount to your drivers side A-pillar and hold 2-1/16 (52mm) gauges. The molded edge of the pod blends into your stock pillar molding. Gauge Pods are offered in paintable black ABS plastic and include mounting hardware. 2003-2006 Evolution.
  2. *Evo 9 2nd Gear set *Evo 8 3rd Gear set *Evo 8 4th Gear set *Evo 8 5th Gear set *4.11 Final Drive Assembly (New Output Shaft and Ring Gear) *Shot-Peening AND REM Isotropic Surface Superfinishing of Entire Gearset *Transmission is fully degreased, chemically cleaned, bead-blasted, chemically cleaned a second time, ceramic coated then reassembled
  3. EVO 9 BOV. If you have an EVO 8, the metal EVO 9 stock BOV is a nice easy upgrade. If you have an EVO 9 putting on an upgraded BOV is more a fashion and audible statement (not that there's anything wrong with that :-) $185: GReddy Type-FV BOV Ki
  4. Evo 8/9. The STM Lightweight Bolt-In Race Muffler for Evo VIII-IX is a double benefit for the performance and driveability of your exhaust. Not only will it help to dampen the sound, but it is super lightweight at only 3.4 pounds and features a true, bolt-in, 3 straight-through design. STM Front Drag Brake Kits for Evo VIII-IX allow you to.

CP Forged EVO pistons for the EVO 8 and EVO 9 series engines listed on this page are are compatible with stock and oversized valves as well as stock and high lift camshafts. We have CP forged piston sets available for use with stock stroke crankshafts and sets made specifically to work with 94mm and 100mm EVO stroker cranks Fuel Delivery System, EVO 8-9. click on thumbnail to zoom. Our Price: $1,349.60. Pump Hanger. 20-0345-00 Fuel Hanger, EVO 8-9, Pumps Not Included, Walbro F90000267/274/285 E85 - ($449.95) 20-0345-01 Fuel Hanger, EVO 8-9, Single Pump Included, Walbro F90000274 E85 - ($609.95) 20-0345-02 Fuel Hanger, EVO 8-9, Dual Pumps Included, Walbro F90000274. **TURBO AND WASTEGATE SHOWN IN THE PHOTO IS NOT INCLUDED** ISIS Performance EVO 8/9 Bolt-on Turbo Upgrade for the Genesis Coupe 2.0T. Isis performance EVO 8/9 bolt-on turbo kit is designed to use a factory Mitsubishi Evolution 8 or 9 turbo capable of 335hp-365hp . or a bolt-on upgraded turbo for the evo 8 or 9 capable of 400hp-500hp+ with supporting mods JDC Coil On Plug (COP) Kit Evo 8/9. $ 59.99 - $ 439.90. Please Select. Choose an option Fully Assembled COP Kit New Denso Coils Fully Assembled COP Kit Refurb. Denso Coils Fully Assembled COP Kit No Coils DIY COP Kit New Denso Coils DIY COP Kit Refurb. Denso Coils DIY COP Kit No coils Add Real Carbon Fiber Plate to any COP kit Clear. Add to cart English Racing - Evo 8/9 ACD. Default Title - $ 300.00 USD. $ 300.00. Quantity. Add to Cart. Description. After 2 years in development, we are pleased to offer ACD Mapping for the Evo 8/9. Tested on the Circuit, Auto-X, and Street - we have come up with the best available solution for cars still equipped with ACD

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Mitsubishi has discontinued production of the EVO 8 and 9 valve covers. Magnus has a direct replacement. There are two discussions held when these valve covers are installed. The advanced techniques used to achieve the curves found throughout the design, perfect fitment to the now discontinued EVO 4-9 and the noticeably beautiful finish Ported Stock Evo 8/9 Intake Manifold is the best way to keep your engine bay looking stock, while increasing airflow to the cylinder head. Our BP Stage 2 Cylinder Head package includes a fully rebuilt cylinder head complete with upgraded Dual Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers The Evo 8 and Evo 9 rebuild and upgrade to the tdo6sl2r/20g billet compressor wheel or tdo6sl2r/56mm billet compressor wheel is 700$ with a core (parts and labor included). If you want to upgrade to the tdo6h4R turbine, the cost is an additional $100. If you send an evo 9 turbo in or if you are buying an evo 9 turbo from us and you plan to t0. Evo 8-9 Top mount Turbo Manifold. Designed for turbos with Xona X3C and PTE T04S 4 inlet 2.5 outlet compressor covers. Choice of Wastegate dump tube configuration. Able to retain Full size Slimline evo 4-6 style radiator. Recommend slim fans or pusher fans. Able to retain AC and Power Steering. Available in hood exit exhaust only at this time

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EvolutionM.net - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution | Reviews, News, Parts, Owners. The Mitsubishi Evolution Returns! As an electric crossover. e-Evolution Concept incorporates the strengths of a sport utility vehicle (SUV), electric vehicle (EV), and the ability to integrate new systems for a connected mobility customer experience EVO 8 will deliver true and switchable phantom power - giving your microphones the power they need. *Four channels simultaneously requires a USB-C to C connection. USB-A to C will provide up to two channels. 4 x EVO Mic Pres. Control the levels of your microphone inputs manually, link to Smartgain or hold down to mute each channel. Smartgai Mitsubishi Evolution 8 & 9 ShepTrans Evo Dogbox shepdogbox The ShepTrans.com DogBox transmission is as good as it gets. The completely new ShepTrans.com Dog Box is the strongest gearset available for the EVO or DSM Transmission. The Sheptrans.com DogBox is used in the Shepherd Racing 1991 Eagle Talon AWD Racecar

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EVO 8/9 (5 Speed) Reverse Brass Synchro. Click Image for Details. Click Image for Details. $42.00. $42.00. EVO 8/9 MR (6 Speed) Pro Series Carbon Synchro Set. EVO 8/9 MR (6 Speed) Pro Series Carbon Synchro 1st or 2nd I recall swapping Evo seats in was talked about at some point on here, not sure if it wasn't Evo 8/9 or Evo 10 seats tho was I think the biggest hurdle was that our passenger seat has a computer and weight sensor in it to turn the passenger airbag on and off, and that would need to be swapped into your passenger sea ETS 03-06 Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 Forward Facing Turbo kit. Starting at $458 /mo with Affirm. Prequalify now. Do you want the ensure your Mitsubishi Evo IX or Evo VIII is running the best turbo kit on the market? Your search has ended. This ETS Evolution 8 and 9 forward facing turbo kit is track tested and proven

Vehicle Fitment: 2003-2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII IX Description:Genuine OEM Mitsubishi factory replacement head lamp housings. These are just the headlight housings. Does not include any bulbs, ballasts or electrical components. If you are doing a HID swap or Evo 7, please do your research before purchase. Available as a pair or separately per side as needed. The inner housing is. 1000cc FIC Mitsubishi DSM or EVO 8/9 Fuel Injector Clinic Injector Set (High-Z) Previously 900cc. From $ 420.0 DeatschWerks Fuel Pump Kit Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8/9 (03-06) 255LPH or 340LPH Fuel Pumps. Vendor. DeatschWerks. Regular price. $99.00. Sale price. $99.00 Sale. Free shipping. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50 MSRP $695.93. $599.00. Add to Cart. Mitsubishi JDM 9 Rear Bumper License Plate Bracket - Evo 7-9. Part Number: 6430A068. Description: Genuine OEM Mitsubishi factory replacement rear bumper license plate bracket for the JDM Evo 9 rear bumpers 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 60527, Chicago, Cook County, IL 5-6 speed manual transmission 4 cylinder, all wheel drive 550 BHP, 470 BTQ, turbo charged, 500 miles, Yokohama tires, 5ZigenEnkei wheels

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Evo 8/9 Front and Rear Calipers Evo 8/9 Front and Rear Rotors Evo 8/9 Front and Rear Pads Front caliper mounting bolts and washers (Bolt size M12, 1.75 thread pitch X 35mm Long)(Head is 19mm) (Bolt PN : MR370729 / Washer PN : MR407072) will need 4 of each ((or Hardened bolts and washers purchased from hardware store Find Fully Built Evo 9 at the best price . There are 10 listings for Fully Built Evo 9, from $5,700 with average price of $36,27 Access Free Evo 9 Service Manual Evo 9 Service Manual If you ally dependence such a referred evo 9 service manual ebook that will provide you worth, get the categorically best seller from us currently from several preferred authors. If you desire to droll books, lots of novels, tale, jokes, and mor

1 Item : 03-06 Evo 8/9 4Dr CS Carbon Fiber Rear Lip ( Fit Jdm Oem Bumper Only) Fit with : For 03-06 Evolution 8/9 1. Material: carbon fiber or glass fiber 2. Modern design, made your vehicle a sporty and upbeat style 3. Fits easily 4. No wave or distortion in hot climates 5. Primary Competitive Advantages: 6.Well and high quality control 7. WISECO 2003-2006 MITSUBISHI EVOLUTION EVO 8 9 85.5MM 9:1 FORGED HD 1400 PISTONS. $708.64. Free shipping. Seller 99.9% positive. Mitsubish OEM JDM Lancer EVO 7 Evolution 4G63 CT9A Valve Cover. $397.80 + shipping. Seller 99.5% positive. Add to cart to save with this special offer Evo Motor Assembly, Part 9, Installing Pistons and Cylinders Evo vs Lamborghini Part 1 - Top Gear - BBC Free Auto Repair Manuals Online, No Joke Here's What You Should Know Before Buying a Mitsubishi Evo 8 or 9 - Mitsubishi CT9A Buyer's Guide How to change service modes / inspection mode lancer evo 8/9. interior. exterio

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EVO 8/9 Gear Set $5,600. Input. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Face Plated Spur Gears. 3rd & 4th Cluster Spur Gears. 1st/2nd Hub & Slider. 3rd/4th Hub & Slider. 1st/2nd & 3rd/4th Forks. Modification of Stock 5th Gear (Customer core must be sent in) 3rd & 4th Gear Input Bearings JDC Titanium MAP Sensor Bolts (Evo 8/9/X/ Universal) 8 reviews. From $ 6.99 $ 7.99. Choose options. Quick view. Save 12%. JDC Titanium Thermostat Housing Replacement Kit (Evo 7/8/9) 7 reviews. From $ 14.99 $ 16.99

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Evo 8/9 Stock Replacement Manifold Back-to-Back Dyno Testing We tackled developing a stock replacement manifold for the Evo 8/9 and had a few noteworthy goals and requirements that set it apart: a collector that mimics the angle of entry of the turbine housing, giving each runner a direct shot into the turbine volute Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers Evo 8/9/X. 8k/8k spring rates come standard, please contact us to make an order with custom spring rates. Designed for street and occasional track use. The new Generation 5 Internal Floating Piston is considerably lighter and uses a low-drag teflon band that drastically reduces stiction Evo 8 or Evo 8 Edge HD? Help me decide! - posted in Celestron Computerized Telescopes: After months of lurking here doing pre-purchase research, I'm very close to ordering a new Celestron 8 SCT. But I've got a few questions, the answers to which will hopefully help me make a final decision between the Nexstar Evolution 8 and the Nexstar 8 Edge HD with StarSense

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The Intel® Evo™ vPro® Platform delivers one validated solution built to provide what IT needs. By bringing together hardware-based security features and remote manageability, as well as remarkable responsiveness, instant wake, and a long real-world battery life, these stylish, thin and light laptops offer an amazing experience that users want Thickness: 1.30mm. Application: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution EVO 8/9 4G63. Includes head gasket with stainless sealing rings. Produced in very high quality stainless steel cooper rings. exceed the sealing capabilities of conventional fire rings and. optimize engine performance. FEATURES. - Use of reinforced material M0115 renowned for being

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The FASTEST spooling Evo 8/9 turbo kit on the market. We match our high flowing stock placement single scroll manifold without state of the art dump tubes, 02 housing, downpipe, and IC piping. These heavily developed parts are matched with the newest in water-cooled Garett turbo technology. Run a g25(650+hp) or g30(75 Brakes can be used from EVO 7, 8 9, or 10. 2 calliper attachment possibilities. Uprights have room for bigger CV joint if needed. Adjustable antiroll bar (swaybar) motion ratio. -3 possibilities for antiroll bar drop link attachments. Changing antiroll bar motion ratio is quick and easy way to tune your car understeer/overstee The FIC EVO 8-9 Fuel rail includes everything needed for use with Fuel Injector Clinic IS126-series injectors or factory injector style. Anodized sleek matte finish available in Black, Dark Blue, Dark Red or Silver. Fuel Injector Clinic fuel rails are constructed of high quality aluminum extrusion machined to the tigh Current Jotech Stage 5 Evo 8-9's. Stage 5 Evo 9. 4000 1000. Start your build now! Contact us — sales@jotechracing.com. Random Gallery Photos. Facebook Reviews I took my 05 S2000 with Kraftwerks SC in last Saturday for a dyno tune. Kevin and Seth were very friendly, polite and professional to my wife and I. Seth did a great tuning on the car EVO 8/9 Drag Wing (CARBON FIBER) $1,100 00 $1,100.00; Save $150 Quantity Add to Cart. MASTON FABRICATION EVO DRAG WING (CARBON FIBER) The Mas-Fab drag wing is constructed of a high quality precision cut carbon fiber..

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8/9 Classic Coilovers (2003-2006) $ 519.00. COILOVER OUT OF STOCK Shipping late week of September. Order now to guarantee a spot on our next batch run. Available on backorder. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8/9 Classic Coilovers (2003-2006) quantity. Add to cart. Find Your Vehicl Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (7/8/9) Configure Your Kit. Select Your Air Suspension. We have stepped up the air suspension game with our new air strut with threaded body and bag-over-style. Our monotube struts are 30-way damping adjustable, and allow you to change the ride quality from a plush, smooth ride to a stiff performance feel with the. Jul 8, 2008. Location: Ft. Benning, GA. The EVO won't handle near as well due to the weight distribution since it is AWD with all the extra weight up front. I have driven a few E46 M3's and I will say they are a dream to drive around town, on the highway, and the auto-x track. Jun 9, 2010 #4

RRE EVO 8/9 Stealth Exhaust Dyno Test. The RRE Stealth Exhaust for the EVO 8/9 occasionally gets picked on by haters for being restrictive. Threads come and go with speculation. The standard RRE Stealth cat back uses straight through perforated core resonators. These do not restrict anything Custom Ignition wires for your IGN-1a ignition system with your choice of 8.5 or 10mm. SKU: N/A Categories: (EVO 4-6) 96-00 Lancer Evolution, (EVO 8-9) 03-06 Lancer Evolution, Ignition Coils & Kits Tags: ign1a coil wires, ign1a wires, smart coil wires. $174.99 - $189.99 This connector is on the starter very close to the heat which most of the time it needs replacement. SKU: N/A Categories: (1G DSM) 90-94 Eclipse, (2G DSM) 95-99 Eclipse, (EVO 8-9) 2003-2006 Lancer Evolution, (EVO X) 2008-2015 Lancer Evolution Tags: 1g, 2g, connector, pigtail, starter. $12.99 - $13.99 Evo 9 turbo is a very tight fit, Evo 8 fits much better and a feel no difference in power. Now compared with the Kinugawa 16G on the factory manifold (that's what i had before) that setup had a little lag but when it started to spool power delivery was instantanious to the poin of breaking the tires loose in second gear on a cold road. the Evo.

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VIS Voltex Style Street Version Front Bumper (Evo 7/8/9) No reviews. $ 480 $ 640. Add to cart. Quick view. Save 25%. VIS MR Style Front Bumper with Carbon SE Lip (Evo 7/8/9) No reviews. $ 689.25 $ 919 HT-151233 Elite 2000 + Mitsubishi EVO 9 & EVO 8 MR Plug 'n' Play Adaptor Harness Kit.. Outputs: . Suits:Plug 'n' Play replacement of the factory ECU for Mitsubishi EVO 9 (All Regions) EVO 8 MR (6 Speed) (JDM Only, excludes USDM) Manual transmission only.. Includes: Elite 2000 ECU, injection molded plastic plug 'n' play [ EVO 8 includes four high-quality Mic Preamps, available through the four Combi connections found on the rear of EVO 8. To connect a microphone, use an XLR cable which has three pins. Mic Pre's and Line Level Inputs To connect a line-level device, use a ¼ TRS jack, which will connect to th Muse Motorsports Stainless Steel External Dump O2 Housing Evo 8 & 9. SKU: CT9AEX110. 5 out of 5 based on 8 customer ratings. ( 8 customer reviews) $ 149.99. Made from 2.5″ stainless steel, the Muse Motorsports external dump replaces your restrictive recirculated o2 housing with a divorced outlet dump. The flange is CNC machined for a smooth. Unfortunately, the Evo 8/9 boost controller is temporarily out of stock, however should become available soon. You can still place your order and be put in a queue; the item will be shipped ASAP. Please contact our customer service via email or phone (612-379-0000) with questions, or check for availability with our retailers, thanks

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CSF#: 7075MSRP: $589 USDFits: 1996-2007 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (4/5/6/7/8/9) Top inlet position has been moved to the left, allowing for proper turbo clearances; Radiator hose is similar to the Evo 4, 5 and 6.*. If you're looking for a ½ size Evo 7,8,9 radiator check out the Ultimate ½ radiator on our Honda page which has direct. Subtotal $349.00. - ShepTrans Transfer Case Rebuild - Mitsubishi EVO 8-9 quantity +. Add to cart. Find a Dealer. Inquire. Category: EVO 4-9 Transfer Cases Brand: ShepTrans. Description. ShepTrans rebuilds are offered to those who send in a good transfer case. In other words, a rebuildable transfer case that does not require a new ring. The GSC Power-Division Beehive Valve Spring Kit for the EVO 8/9 includes 16 beehive valve springs only. These are a replacement for the factory beehive springs and will work with the factory seat and retainer for an easy and inexpensive upgrade. Our beehive spring is made with an ovate wire which utilizes advanced material heat treatment. EVO 4-9 Rear Differentials Filter. Showing all 3 results. Redline Gear Oil $ 19.95. Rear Differential Inbound Shipping - Mitsubishi EVO 8-9 $ 75.00. ShepTrans Rear Differential Rebuild - Mitsubishi EVO 8-9 $ 425.00. Policies. Shipping To Us; Warranty and Returns; Ordering and Shipment.

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2003 - 2007 Mitsubishi EVO 8 / 9 Custom LED Upgrade. $ 499.99. This is a LED UPGRADE SERVICE. You will be sending an item to us for repair. Once we receive your item, the turnaround is generally 7-10 business days. Add-ons. Same-day Service (+$100 Evo 7/8/9 Lightweight Rear Bumper / Bash Bar. Regular price. $229.00. Sale price. $229.00 Sale. Evo 9 JDM Registration Light Bracket. Evo 9 JDM Registration Light Bracket. Regular price. $75.00 Vorshlag Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 Camber Plates & Perches, Front. The Vorshlag spherical camber plate for the EVO 5-9 models is back in stock and better than ever! We have had camber plates for these EVO models for years, but in 2010 we redesigned them for more positive caster. These prototype high caster designs were perfected on several. S15. Mitsubishi Evo 7,8,9 Custom Cluster. Mitsubishi Evo 7,8,9 Custom Cluster. This Evolution cluster was built to hold two gauges, the Racepak IQ3 display, as well as the two navigation buttons for the display. As usual, 3mm carbon fiber was used for the main back plate. The two gauges are VEI System Gauges (fuel and ethanol content) and are. As Mitsubishi's product manager for the Lancer line, Hideyuki Iwata, insists there will be an Evo X, even though Mitsubishi Motors has lost almost $9 billion over the past five years and was.

VOLTEX offer the Circuit Version aero parts for the EVO 7, 8 and 9. Circuit Version Front Bumper - Construction: FRP/Carbon - EB-1 & EBCS-2. Mesh Set (for Front Bumper) - EB-4. Twin Canard - Construction: Urethane - EB-5. Oil Cooler Duct - Construction: FRP - EB-7. SPL Twin Canards - Construction: Carbon - EBC-2 For Mitsubishi Outlander Lancer EVO 8 9 Carbon Fiber 12cm Antenna Short Aerial. Specifications: This product is 100% brand new. This adjustable antenna fits only if your car has external antenna and uses the same exact universal screw size that are shown in this listing. Most customers buy this antenna for styling purpose and reception/signal.

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MITSUBISHI EVOLUTION IX FQ360 EVO 9 2.0 TURBO SALOON - 2007/07. Denham, London. 2007/07 Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION IX FQ-360 2.0 TURBO Saloon, 6 Speed manual Gearbox, Finished in Silver Aluminium, Triple Gauges, Carbon Fibre Lip Spoiler, Sports Recaro Bucket Seats, Air Con, Carbon vortex generator, Rear Spoiler, Speedline Allo. Year Hi there I'm in the market for an Evo 8/9, if you have one and are willing to sell, please shoot me a text ** Must be LHD/USDM Cash in hand Willing to travel for the right car Tags: jdm, usdm, evo, evo8, evo9, Mitsubishi evolution, lancer evolution, manual, supra, rx7, gtr, nsx, s2000, 4g6 Mitsubishi Evo 4-9 4G63 ProStock Turbo Manifold (OE Twinscroll) Full-Race ProStock manifold specifically designed for the EVO VIII and EVO IX! This high quality robotically-TIG welded stainless steel turbo manifold replaces and outperforms the OEM cast turbo manifold. This manifold upgrade will produce more power throughout the entire powerband. Duraflex Spoiler Mitsubishi Lancer (02-07) Lancer EVO 8/9 (03-06) Evo 7/Evo 8/C Spec/Duckbill/VRS GT Wing Trunk Lid. Vendor. Duraflex. Regular price. $156.00. Sale price. $156.00 Sale. Add to cart for shipping quote. Starting at $15 /mo with Affirm Boostin Performance Evo 8/9 Fuel Rail available for purchase and ready to ship. Available in Red or black. Also, available with or without fittings. ☎️ (847) 781-1600.