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Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee! Check Out Hand Mudra on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today Find Your Favorite Movies & Shows On Demand. Your Personal Streaming Guid Mudra For Glaucoma: Mudra is a part of holistic healing Ayurveda and Yoga. It is so simple that anyone can do it anytime. It is very effective that just forty-five minutes of practice is enough to get good results

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Sit in dhyana posture (padmasana or sukhasana) and practice this mudra with outstretched palms placed on knees for 10-15 minutes, 3 times a day. It removed bad air from eyes and gives relief Prana Mudra is an easy-to-use hand gesture that energizes the eyes and keeps them moist and healthy. Prana Mudra is formed by joining the tip of the thumb with the end of the ring and the little finger. The ring represents the earth element and the little finger represents the water element Mudra For Eye-Problems and watering; Mudra is a part of Ayurveda and Yoga. It is very useful and easy to practice. Anyone can do it anytime

Jnana Mudra . The Sanskrit word jnana means wisdom. Clear seeing, focus, and concentration are the qualities that this mudra brings to realization. Jnana mudra directs the awareness to the third eye, the space between the eyebrows. This is perhaps one of the most well-known mudras used for meditation. Instructions Otherwise known as the earth mudra, Prithvi mudra improves blood circulation and lowers high blood pressure. Simple to do, this mudra is effective in relieving hypertension. It improves concentration while meditating. From the sitting position with the hands in the lap, touch the tip of your ring finger to the tip of your thumb on both hands This mudra is one by letting the tip of the ring finger touch the base of thumb while exerting very little pressure on your ring finger. There is a significant improvement seen in the problem of hypertension with this mudra How to do Vayu Mudra Fold your index finger and touch the second phalanx bone with the tip of your thumb. Apply gentle pressure so that the tip of index finger should touch the base of the thumb. Straighten the other three fingers and keep them activated

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Chin Mudra Hold the thumb and index finger together lightly while extending the remaining three fingers. The thumb and index finger need only touch together, without exerting any pressure. Keep the three extended fingers as straight as possible 5. Mudra for Blood Pressure (both low and high) : 6. Mudra for Diabetes: 7. Mudra for Eye Problems: 8. Mudra for Fever: 9. Mudra for Gastric Problems: 10. Mudra for Hair, Bone and Nail Growth: 11. Mudra for Headache: 12. Mudra for Heart Problems; 13. Mudra for Kidney Problems: 14. Mudra for Easy Delivery for Pregnant Women (Same as above): 15 Dhyana Mudra. (Hands on lap, facing upward; right hand on top of left; thumbs touching and facing down.) In Ashtanga, dhyana is the seventh limb of yoga. Dhyana is meditating or focusing on one point with all of your energy and intention. The dhyana mudra helps us along this journey of reaching meditation To perform the Garuda mudra, seat straight, place your right hand on top of your left hand, wrapping your right thumb around the joints of your other thumb. The mudra should look like the wings of a bird, with the palms of the hands facing you

One of the common hand gestures of Buddha, Karana mudra is a popular Buddhist meditation mudra. Gautam Buddha statue is generally seen meditating in this mudra. The hands in Karana mudra shows the expelling of negativity from one's heart. Using karna mudra in meditation practices is widely used tibetan buddhism Many of my teachers over the years used the most commonly done mudras at end of class or during a final sitting meditation, such as Anjali Mudra (Prayer Position) or Jnana Mudra (Wisdom Mudra). I also remember seeing hand mudras as part of an Indian classical dance performance—an art long associated with hand gestures—on my trip to India in. The Mudra relieves toothache also; and cures hiccough. In Indian culture, a sudden blinking of left eye in males and right eye in females is considered inauspicious. Apan Vayu Mudra will stop unwanted blinking of eyes. According to Ayurveda, any imbalance in the three doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kafa causes diseases Mudras Miracles - benefits for kubera mudra, fingers mudras, kundalini mudra, hand mudra, pran mudra, root chakra mudra, hakini mudra, shankh mudra and Many more Hand mudras work in a very similar fashion. The word mudra translates to seal or gesture. A hand mudra is both a symbolic and therapeutic gesture mainly performed with the fingers. By positioning our fingers in various postures, we can influence how energy is channeled inside of us. Think of it as opening an electrical circuit inside your.

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  1. How to do Surya Mudra Sit comfortably on the ground. Fold your ring finger from the middle and bend the thumb over it and keep its knuckles and maintain pressure with the thumb above the slight ring finger. Keep the rest of the palm fingers straight and do not tilt them
  2. Varuna Mudra - Mudra of Water. In Sanskrit, Varuna means rain, and hence why this hand mudra is known as the water element. The Varuna mudra is performed by touching the tip of your little finger to the tip of the thumb with the remaining three fingers being held out straight. It helps to prevent dehydration and balance the bloodstream
  3. Vajra mudra is a powerful hand mudra that is very much helpful in stimulation of blood circulation. it helps in controlling low blood pressure and maintaining normal blood pressure. if you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes then this is the one of the best mudras

Before discussing the benefits of Apana vayu mudra for high blood pressure, let us quickly understand the science behind the healing powers of yoga mudras. Mudra means gesture. Yoga mudras are hand gestures formed by the manipulation of fingers and aim to balance the basic body elements- fire, air, water, earth and space Rudra Mudra. Rudra Mudra is another powerful mudra that you can use to heal the solar plexus chakra in your energy body. Here are the steps to perform this mudra. Place the tips of your thumb, index finger, and ring finger together. Then extended the other two fingers in a relaxed position. When you try this mudra, do it for both hands Sit in a comfortable position on a yoga mat. Extend the hand in front of the body and relax the fingers and thumb (the palm should face upward). Now, bend the ring finger and positioned the tip on the base of the thumb. Place the thumb on top of the ring finger and gently exert pressure The hand mudra namaste is the gesture representing third eye and crown, thus bringing unconditional love and acceptance into higher knowing. This base of the thumb and then bringing gentle pressure of the thumb upon this finger. This amounts to suppression of element eart Mudras are simple hand gestures that elicit finger power points by bringing together hands and fingers in a specific position. This mudra is very effective in improving the eyesight and has proved beneficial in curing various eye ailments such as red and burning eyes. It regulates the blood pressure levels in our body by stimulating the.

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Rudra mudra helps to activate the Manipura or sometimes called Manipur chakra. Manipura chakra is an essential chakra for balancing the inner power or inner force. Rudra mudra is one of the powerful mudras for channelizing several vitalities from their source. Rudra Mudra and Energizing Panchatattwa (5 Elements The use of mudras, in the practice of yoga are a powerful tool for self-care and empowerment.With yoga the intention is to draw oneself inward. Mudras allow us to go inward and recharge our energy levels. The term mudra applies to the use of hand gestures during meditation that carry specific goals of channeling your body's energy flow. There are more than 100 known mudras that have been. You can also use a thumb and index finger to apply more pressure on these points. You need to be very careful not to touch the eye balls. Access this point everyday for 3 to 5 minutes to have a clear vision. It will also help to relax the eye muscles. Tips of Thumbs: You need to sit in a relaxed position and hold your right hand with your left If in any case, do in single hand. Patience and profound knowledge is important in doing mudra, beacuse we wont get disease all of a sudden. Initially it will create some discomforts and later it turns as a particular disease. It will take some time in that one tenth of the time for mudra to cure Mud +Dhra meaning bliss +dissolving. Mudras dissolves duality and brings the deity and devotee. Mudras are hand, body or eye positions that facilitate certain energy flows in the body and by forming a specific mudra one can induce certain states of mind and consciousness. Mudras are an important part of religious practice. Ther

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The best hand mudra for depression is Tse Mudra. This hand position reactivates the areas of the brain corresponding to happiness. In doing so, it naturally cures depression. We asked neuroscientist Donald Roland to explain precisely how it works. The fingertips are associated with different parts of the brain, says Roland Dhyana Mudra. (Hands on lap, facing upward; right hand on top of left; thumbs touching and facing down.) In Ashtanga, dhyana is the seventh limb of yoga. Dhyana is meditating or focusing on one point with all of your energy and intention. The dhyana mudra helps us along this journey of reaching meditation 11 Powerful Mudras And Their Meanings. A mudra is a hand position that balances energy in the mind and body. The Sanskrit word mudra is translated as a mark, seal, or gesture. Mudras were created by ancient yogis to restore physical health, calm the mind, and optimize energy. When the five fingers are touched and pressed in a peculiar. Varun Mudra How to do it? Keep the tip of the Little finger on the tip of the Thumb finger Note: For best results do it 15 - 30 minute

Yoga Mudra. Yoga mudra is the symbolic hand, body, and eye gesture based on the principle of Ayurveda to cure and redirect energy in different organs of the body. The Sanskrit term mudra is interpreted as a gesture or attitude. Mudras can be described as psychic, psychological, devotional, and aesthetic gestures A hasta mudra is a gesture or hand position meant to channel and direct energy in the body. It does so by encouraging the free flow of energy. It does so by encouraging the free flow of energy. A simple gesture like bending, crossing, extending, or touching the fingers with other fingers in specific ways can effectively influence our body and. How to do Ksepena Mudra Place your index finger flat against each other others. Press the rest of your fingers and Let your fingers rest on your back Hands. Cross your thumbs and place each one In the hollow of other customs. There is there A smal.. What are hand mudras and it's benefits. This mudra is beneficial in removing heart diseases, throat problem, watery eye problem and keeping bones strong. Surya Mudra - Mudra of the Sun . Fold your ring finger from the middle and bend the thumb over it and keep its knuckles and maintain pressure with the thumb above the slight ring. Amazing Health Benefits Of Varuna Yoga Mudra. Some common diseases this hand seal can cure are namely dry skin can cure coughs, colds, paralysis, sinuses, low blood pressure, and asthma. 4. Vayu Mudra (Mudra of Air) This hand gesture of air is used to regulate air in the body

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Mahasirs mudra helps mitigate temporomandibular joint disorder by relaxing the joints connecting the lower jaw with the skull. Mahasirs Mudra helps reduce the physical tension build-up around the face, jaw, and eyes caused by headache. Headaches are a common phenomenon for everyone, irrespective of gender and age Hand mudras or hand gestures are, indeed, one of the most powerful and effective forms of yoga practice. They may seem very simple, but their benefits are unending. Not only are they good for your physical health but can nurture your mental health as well. One such powerful practice is the Gyan mudra or the Chin mudra as it is known in Sanskrit Hand Postures (Hast Mudra)-2. 5. Prana Mudra or the Mudra of Life. In this Mudra the tips of the thumb,ring finger and the little finger are touched together while keeping the other 2 fingers straight. Benefits: A. It awakens the dormant power of prana gives energy,health . It is beneficial in diseases of the eye and improves eyesight, raises. Mudras are performed as gestures by fingers, hand positions and in combination with asanas and techniques involving eye movements. Mudras help create and maintain equilibrium in the body movements that result in a healthy body and life

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The folded hand represents Shiva and the stretched hand at the base represents Shakti. This mudra is used for many purposes, but the shape represents the union of two energies. Method: Be seated in a comfortable posture, keeping the back upright and in line with the neck and head. Gather your breath and bring the left hand closer to the abdomen Apana Vayu mudra is a hand gesture yoga exercise which aims to promote a healthy heart by balancing the body elements. It is also known as Mrita-Sanjeevani mudra because Yoga experts believe that this mudra can reduce the risk of life during a heart attack or angina pectoris (chest pain). It imparts an effect very similar to the sorbitrate medicine- sorbitrate is a conventional pharma medicine.

mudras, a brief history of mudras, an overview of how mudras work based on different theories, how mudras and yoga are related, hand warm up, and look in depth at three mudras including a yoga sequence with each mudra to compliment the intended energetic, emotional, and physical result In this mudra, earth, the water, plus fire elements are attached, so this helps remove the obstacles and impurities present in the blood, ensuing in enhanced blood movement. Any kind of cramps in muscles and pain in the legs cured by this illness. Prana Mudra for Eye: Prana yoga mudra is extremely useful for eye related problems In particular, if there is a sudden increase in blood pressure, vyana mudra is recommended as a treatment to reduce this. Vyana is the name of one of the vayus, or pranic winds in Ayurvedic anatomy, that moves from the center of the body to every area of the body. As such, vyana vayu and its mudra are related to blood circulation Strengthens body and mind. Glowing skin. Increases energy. Shankha Mudra. Description: The left thumb should be held in the right fist and then the left indoex finger should touch the right thumb.Put light pressure with the remaining fingers of the left hand onto the closed fist fo the right hand. Swap over sides Then let your thumb put some pressure in the first pharynx of the middle finger. You can practice this mudra sitting in a comfortable posture. Doing this mudra for just 15 minutes thrice a day can work wonders for your body. 4. Varun Mudra. Also known as the mudra of water, this mudra helps in fluid balance of the body

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In Hatha Yoga,1 there are 25 mudras. These also include eye andbody positions (asanas) and locks (bandhas). In this book, I will only brieflytouch on them and mainly describe the hand mudras. Especially in This school of yoga is the most popular in the West. High blood pressure Low blood pressure Fatigue 6 DiarrheaBladder complaints o. Aasanam is Padma Aasanam => The Best (Est) Posture is Most Inappropriate translation -99*999999999% people use the translation Posture (Karanam) only -Ignorance is Bliss (ROFL) POPULARITY IS NOT REALITY Mudra => Chinn Mudra ( some people us..

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As explained earlier, this Mudra gives the combined effects of both Apan and Vayu Mudra. Beneficial for those with a weak heart or those who have suffered a heart attack; Removes gas from the stomach; Aids in asthma and high blood pressure; 8. Surya Mudra. Mudra of the Sun. Touch the tip of the ring finger to the base of the thumb Acupressure is a great, noninvasive way to give your eyes a bit of TLC and help them recover from the stressors of the day. It may also help with certain eye conditions like glaucoma. Learn where. The practice of mudra with yogic breaths stimulates various parts of the body and alerts the flow of life in the body. So, let's now know 8 different hand positions for meditation in this post below. Shunya Mudra. Source. Zero Mudra is beneficial for those who have trouble listening to the sound

Hand Mudras with Yoga Asanas: Hand mudras are most often combined with deep breathing exercises also known as pranayama. Hand Mudras can also be combined with certain types of asanas. Mudras have found to be very effective in bringing about holistic health; physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Nadi System Nov 16, 2020 - Explore MissingMetanoia (Hunter N Moor's board kuji kiri on Pinterest. See more ideas about mudras, martial arts, kuji Diseases & corresponding healing hasta mudras/ beejaMantras:- Anxiety : Vayu (Vata Shamak) & Vatta Nashak/Vishnu Hasta Mudra Arthritis : Vayu, Vatta Nashak, Prithvi, Jal, Apan Vayu, Gyan Pran Hasta Mudras, Atrophy of muscles: Prithvi, Pran Mudras, Anus Burn: Prithvi Mudra Acidity : Prithvi, Jal Shamak, Pran Anaemia : Surya, Jal, Pran Mudra Abdominal pain : Vayu, Apan Vayu, Matngi & Vatta. Feb 15, 2015 - Explore Wendy Repo's board Mudras on Pinterest. See more ideas about mudras, chakra meditation, hand mudras In Sanskrit, the term used to describe this use of the hands is Hasta Mudra (Hand Seal). Mudra denotes the sense of evoking a hidden power or uniCng with something larger, such as the field of universal energy (shakC) or the principle of pure awareness (shiva). Mudra's sCmulate the flow of vital energy in unique ways, affecCng organs.

Mudra means gesture or seal. To perform rudra mudra, take a comfortable seated position, then touch the tips of the ring and index fingers to the top of the thumb, while the middle and little fingers extend comfortably High blood pressure control is important to reduce many disease complications such as kidney failure, heart diseases and stroke. Apart from medications, yoga Hand Mudra is an effective supplement to medical healing clinical conditions like blood pressure, asthma, stress, obesity and heart diseases Hand Mudras for Health Benefits. March 22, 2017 ·. Apan Mudra - 'Apana' in Sanskrit is 'force' which is quite similar to 'prana'. This Mudra is powerful to combat chronic problems of diabetes, urinary obstruction, piles, constipation and kidney issues. It helps expel waste matter and toxins from your body easily

Mudras can be practiced while sitting on chair too. 2. Close your eyes and focus on the breath. 3. Rub your palms for 20-30s to activate the nerve endings in the hand. 4. Place the hands, palm facing up onto your lap. Feel the tingling sensation in the palms. 5. Perform mudras, by pressing fingers in particular manner. Don't apply too much. Apart from high blood pressure, this hand gesture helps in lowering blood cholesterol, prevent obesity and uplift digestion. 3. Pran Mudra. Create this mudra by bringing the tip of the thumb, ring finger and little finger to touch each other, while the other fingers are stretched. Benefits: This mudra helps in awakening the power of prana in. Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee! Looking For Hand Mudra? Find It All On eBay with Fast and Free Shipping How to Do Anjali Mudra. Anjali means reverence or offering. Also Known As: Atmanjali Mudra, Namaskar Mudra. 1. Taking your two hands in front of your chest, press the palms together. 2. Extend the pressure up through each finger and the thumbs to the very tips. 3. Keep the sides of your fingers touching. 4

4) Kaki mudra. While looking at the nose tips, purse the lips together. It is a cooling practice. It soothes the body and mind. On the other, people with depression, constipation, low blood pressure should avoid this. 5) Bhoochari mudra. How to do it: While sitting in a meditative asana, raise the right hand in front of the face Dhyana Mudra. Steps: Place the left hand in the lap, palm up. Rest the back of the right hand into the palm of the left. Lightly touch the tips of the thumbs together in the shape of a hollow sphere. Hold this mudra in front of the navel for 5-10 minutes. The right hand represents enlightenment, while the left is the illusory nature of existence Apan vayu Mudra. How to do it? Sit comfortable and touch the tip of the Middle and Ring fingers to the tip of Thumb finger.. Keep the tip of the Index finger on the base of Thumb finger.. Keep Little finger straight. Aakash Mudra. How to do it? Sit comfortable and Join the tip of the Middle finger to the tip of the Thumb finger. Prana Mudra Gyan mudra helps relieve drowsiness or insomnia, lethargy, nervousness, anger, stress, brain deficiencies and nerve disorders, good for grounding, connecting to the Earth and the root chakra. One of the best mudras for meditation. Active Gyan Mudra is beneficial for teachers for imparting active knowledge to others Four Mudras For Self Healing. By Ashley Neese. M udras are pure magic. A mudra is a hand position that balances energy in the body and mind. Mudras were created by ancient yogis to calm the mind, restore physical health, and optimize energy. I've been practicing and studying mudras for years and they have become an integrated part of my daily.

Mudra is defined in traditional usage as a seal, gesture, or symbol of the hands, body, or face to expand the breath, consciousness, or energy systems of the user. There are hundreds of mudras from the spiritual traditions of India and Tibet. Many of these are mudras for the hands, but also include gestures of the eyes, face, and body Panchsanjeevani mudras contain 5 mudras such as 1) Prana mudra 2) Apan mudra 3) Udan mudra 4) Saman mudra 5) Vyan mudra. These 5 mudras are very helpful in maintain-ing equilibrium in body. Thus, there is a need to work on this topic for the benefits of peoples. Keywords - Mudras, Prana mudra, Apana mudra, Udana mudra, Samana mudra, Vyana mudra

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A Mudra is a gesture or position, usually of the hands, that locks and guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain. By curling, crossing, stretching and touching the fingers and hands, we can talk to the body and mind as each area of the hand reflexes to a certain part of the mind or body. (In each mudra, exert enough pressure to feel the flow. Left hand mudra The left hand is the same for all GI issues: Press the tips of the middle and ring fingers to the tip of the thumb. The index and little fingers remain outstretched, the palm.

In Hatha Yoga, there are 25 mudras. These also include eye and body positions (asanas) and locks (bandhas). In this book, I will only briefly touch on them and mainly describe the hand mudras. Especially in Kundalini Yoga, the hand mudras are used during the body postures to intensify their effect Surya mudra helps to produce heat in the body, good in winter season. Surya mudra helps in problems like shivering, cold, coldness of body parts. It helps regulate body temperature. Improve eye sight. Since the fire element is related to vision, improvement of fire in the body will also improve the vision. Boost Liver Health Mudra For balancing Kapha. Updated: Apr 17, 2019. Kapha Nashak Mudra. Method: This mudra is formed by first placing the ring and the little fingers on the base of the thumb and then bringing gentle pressure of the thumb upon these fingers. Effects: This mudra increases the Pitta humor but decreases the Kapha humor within the body Mudras Mudras are hand, eye, and/or body positions used for intensifying meditation in Eastern traditions. A mudra is also a seal or symbol. The pressure of the fingers is light and the hands are relaxed. Then activate Reiki by simply thinking of Reiki or intending it to flow. Hold each mudra for four to ten minutes, or as long as needed.

This will have a more powerful effect than doing a mudra with just one hand. Examples of mudras There are over 500 mudras so we cannot look at them all here but below are some mudras to help you open your chakras and a quick exercise to balance your body energies for healing and transformation In this Mudra, the tip of the index or 1st finger is touched to the base of the thumb and the thumb comes over the finger with a slight pressure of the thumb being exerted. Rest of the fingers remain straight. By the practice of this mudra, all vayu ,that is, air related affections, like Arthritis, Gout, Sciatica, Knee pain, and Gas are relieved A mudra is a hand gesture (or the way you put your hands together) that allows the free flow of energy in the body. A mudra also helps to apply pressure to certain acupressure points present.

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Gyan Mudra is a powerful mudra (or hand position) practiced for thousands of years by yogis that brings peace, calm, and spiritual progress. It relates to the planet Jupiter. Artistic depictions of great spiritual masters such as Guru Nanak, Christ, Buddha, and Mahavir are all shown regularly with this hand position What You Should Know About All Hand Mudras . Mudras come from both Hindu, Buddhist, and yogic traditions. They are believed to move energy throughout your field, instill certain effects and benefits with each mudra, and bring you to a state of harmony. The hand mudras are specifically called hasta mudra meaning hand positioning or gesture Mudras are used at some point in most yoga classes of any type, and the word 'mudra' is familiar to most modern yoga practitioners, describing various hand positions and gestures in yoga. The classic hand mudra for meditation, Gyan Mudra, with the thumb and first finger tip touching and the other fingers stretched straight, is perhaps the. Glaucoma is an eye condition characterized by the damage of the optical nerve tissues and excavation of the optic nerve head. As per a journal article published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world and is the one of the common causes for irreversible blindness

Brahma Mudra. Brahma mudra is a hand gesture used in both yoga asana, meditation and pranayama practice that is valued for both its symbolic and healing qualities. Brahma is the name of the Hindu creator god and in Sanskrit is translated as divine, sacred or Supreme Spirit.. Mudra means gesture or seal. Doing prana mudra will provide stamina and energy to them. Mudras effect changes in veins, tendons, glands and sense organs. Hence, practicing Prana mudra helps in proper blood circulation and cures pain in limbs or legs. Prana mudra is helpful in high or low blood pressure as well as for those suffering from heart problems Method: Interlock the fingers of both hands and keep the thumb of the left hand vertically straight and encircle it with the thumb and the index finger of the right hand. Specialty: Generates heat in the body. Take milk, ghee, more water and fruit juices in addition to the practice of this mudra for many benefits Mudras are hand gestures used in yoga and meditation, which mean 'mark' or 'seal' in Sanskrit. In the Mudra philosophy, it is believed that our 5 fingers correspond to the 5 elements of the universe - water, earth, ether, air and fire. Each of these elements has a distinct role in the balance of our physical body, state of mind and. Linga Mudra can help you to manage asthma, cold, sinus, dried phlegm, and cold. How to do Linga Mudra. Hold your hands together, then clasp the fingers together and ensure that your right thumb remains erect. Sit relaxed, and then exert slight pressure. Linga Mudra can be done for up to 30 minutes each day

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Anjali Mudra (Namaskar Mudra) is a hand gesture that can be practiced as part of meditation or asana practices. Primarily seen at the beginning of the yoga session and at the end, it is a gesture or offering that is humble, and honouring the union between one heart and another's. Hence, it is placed at the heart center. The significance of this gesture practiced by both the yoga teacher. A mudra might involve your entire body or just your hand. There are five kinds of yoga mudras - Hasta (hand) mudras, Mana (head) mudras, Kaya (posture) mudras, Bandha (lock) mudras, and Adhara (perineal) mudras. These mudras initiate currents through the body, balancing the body's elements and restoring them Yoga mudras for acidity are the simple hand gestures you can practice anytime, anywhere, irrespective of any causes. How Yoga Mudras Treat Acidity? Mudras and Acidity could be analyzed with an ayurvedic view! Analyzing acidity with the Ayurvedic eye tells us how acidity occurs and which mudra would be effective in its treatment The word Mudra comes from the root word, mud, which means to impart bliss. The Mudras in my book are hand Mudras, or, gestures, which are based on the connection of each finger to a lobe of the brain. The use of Mudra is a gentle practice that can benefit everyone. This practice is especially very important for people dealing with.