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I am very disappointed with my new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Ultra, bought it 2 weeks ago. I own Galaxy S9+ as my previuos phone and its photos are all focussed and clear when use it as point and shoot camera mode. But the S21 photo qualities when use it as point and shoot camera are disappointingly blurry and not well focussed at all SAMSUNG S21 Ultra camera is blurry out of the box. 01-28-2021 05:22 AM (Last edited ‎02-01-2021 09:26 AM by SamsungRei ) in. Just got my S21 last night and the camera is blurry right out of the box. I took of the protector that it is shipped with, and even wiped the lens, but image is still all blurry 03-03-2021 12:19 PM in. Galaxy S. Hi, Compared to the camera image sensors of previous devices, Galaxy S21 Ultra has a larger image sensor that supports high resolution. It allows users to take bright pictures even in dark places and to take clear pictures of distant objects. The larger the image sensor, the longer the focal length is necessary S21 Ultra Super Steady Mode Turns Video Blurry. 02-28-2021 01:50 PM in. With super steady on, video becomes blurry be it on 30 or 60fps. When steady mode is off, the video looks fine. 02-28-2021 06:36 PM (Last edited ‎02-28-2021 06:57 PM ) in. Yep, steady use ultra wide cam to zoom in to the video to stabilize, not using any OIS, so its blur

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  1. Camera on S21 Ultra has been blurry lately. I've had my S21 Ultra since February and have had nothing but beautiful photography from it. Unfortunately since the ?April update, my main sensor seems to be quite blurry. At first I thought it might be my own issue, but after looking at my colleagues phone which he just received over the weekend.
  2. Galaxy S21 Series. Hi all, I noticed yesterday it was blurry after taking a picture but put it down to being shaky. I have tried it today and noticed it's actually blurry when switching to the ultra wide 0.6x lense but at 1.0x it's absolutely fine. I'm wondering if it went like this after the update on Monday, it was OK before but this is the.
  3. Feb 21, 2021 at 4:51 PM. #1. Hi all, I have been using s21 ultra for about 20 days.. the main issue is with camera.. the camera is blured if I go beyond 10x zoom , I could see people taking decent picture of moon with atleast 50x zoom with s21 ultra. Also my screen on time is just 5.30 hrs at max.. please help me through this issues
  4. e in the UK and unfortunately received a device with an awful camera. I contacted Samsung that promised to contact in 1 week time to give me a video.
  5. Fix blurry camera by clearing app cache and data. If you continue to get blurry photos every time you use the camera app, your next move is to troubleshoot the camera app by wiping its cache and data
  6. es what is in focus and what isn't. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. 9.1. Samsung.
  7. Fix Blurry Camera or Not Focusing quickly on Galaxy S20/S20+ or S20 Ultra Dig into Camera App. For most of the blurry cameras in any smartphone is because of either some unwanted settings done by the user or a technical glitch. If your Galaxy appears to have a blurry camera or if the camera seems unable to focus, the first thing that you want.

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Recent and latest os update of s21 ultra have a big issue of camera focusing before this update camera is running smoothly but after updating to latest is I am facing a camera focusing issue while zoom in at 6 to 10x zoom camera is not able to focus the object and picture is very blurry and have so much grains so kindly request to Samsung technical team to solve this issue as soon as possible. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Samsung's new flagship smartphone for 2021. Featuring a quad-camera setup with 108 megapixels and a 10x optical zoom, 8K video recording, a 5000mAH battery and 5G connectivity, is this the ultimate smartphone for keen photographers? Find out now by reading our expert Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review, complete with full-size sample photos and videos.. The optical camera sensor moves on some Samsung phones. It has been reported by some that this sensor gets stuck and can cause the camera to not focus properly. The solution for this is to open the camera app and lightly shake your phone before taking a picture. You can also try lightly tapping on the lens with the camera app open Thus, we recommend you to clean the camera lens with the help of a slightly damp cotton swab. Make sure to wipe it off before testing again. Check the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra photo resolution . At times the photos of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are blurry because quality is extremely low. To check this, go to your camera app However, the S21 Ultra also has a few problems with highlight exposure, which are blurry for some reason. This may be a result of the company's HDR implementation

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  1. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has its ups and downs as we learned in our phone review. In this video, we focus on the camera image quality in particular hopin..
  2. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is easily one of the best Android smartphones you can get your hands on right now. It packs the latest and greatest specifications such as a 120Hz, HDR10+ Dynamic AMOLED screen with a peak brightness of 1500 nits and the Snapdragon 888 or the Exynos 2100 (depending on the region)
  3. Unlike the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the S21 Ultra offers two telephoto snappers for proper 3x and 10x optical zooms, with no trickery involved. YouTube. The primary camera uses Samsung's latest 108MP.

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A comparison of photos taken with the Galaxy S21 Ultra's Wide-angle lens, a full-frame DSLR, and a crop-sensor DSLR with a wide-angle (24-70mm) lens. As you can see in the images above, the Galaxy S21 Ultra's Wide-angle lens offers a field of view that's as wide as a DSLR. Its 108MP sensor allowed the photographer to snap a sharper, more. 40MP selfie camera, Quad-camera setup with 108MP wide, 12MP ultra-wide, and two 10MP telephoto cameras one with 3x zoom and the other with 10x zoom, 100x Space Zoom, 8K video footage with the main sensor, all cameras can shoot 4K and 60fps. With all these numbers, I'm expecting some good-ass photos. From what I snapped, I think it did decently The Zoom feature, known as Space Zoom on the S21, lets you focus on a subject from far away. The S21 also includes a stabilizing AI option to prevent your zoomed-in images from becoming blurry or shaky. The result is a detailed and colorful photo

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Source: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review | TechCrunch. Camera quality very poor of the camera in which I was expecting great things yet most pictures are blurred, bad exposure, low light shocking. View full content How Bad is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Selfie Camera? vs Samsun Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for LK 3 Pack Camera Lens Screen Protector Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 6.8-inch, Ultra Thin, High Definition, Case Friendly, Model No. ZU L at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users On paper, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra's 10x periscope zoom camera gives the phone a notable advantage at long ranges, and this bears out in reality. There's simply no competition at 10x; the. Hello ! This weekend , i find an issue on my S21 ultra.. With the 1.0x camera , the back of the photo is always blurry... With 3.0x or 0.6x no problem ! I try to touch my screen for the focus but same problem... my mother have the same phone and..

Why is my Samsung S21 camera blurry Solved: SAMSUNG S21 Ultra camera is blurry and not focus o . I am very disappointed with my new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Ultra, bought it 2 weeks ago. I own Galaxy S9+ as my previuos phone and its photos are all focussed and clear when use it as point and shoot camera mode The dynamic range is superior on the S21 Ultra because the highlights are not blown out and the shadows/foreground is much better. How to fix Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra's grainy image issue. There are several ways that you can do to fix the camera issue of Samsung's latest smartphone. The first method is using lower ISO In an in-depth look at the S21 Ultra's camera technologies Samsung says AI Super Resolution is responsible for producing sharper-than-the-naked-eye-can-see photos at 10x to 100x zoom. From Samsung (emphasis ours): From 10x to 100x zoom, image quality is boosted by powerful Super Resolution AI

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the only Galaxy phone to support S Pen. If you've got Samsung's latest and greatest S21 Ultra, there's one more feature to explore that the other S21s don't. An S21 or an S20 non-Ultra take more detailed zoomed-in portraits. The Note's images have warmer skin tones, with a faint pink-red tint to them, while the S21 Ultra is a bit more conservative and.

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102. video. With a DXOMARK Camera overall score of 123, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (Snapdragon) achieves two points more than the Exynos model but is still some ways off the current best-in-class models and doesn't make it into our current top ten ranking. Its Photo score of 129 is one point higher than for the Exynos device The following steps are likewise applicable when resetting the camera app settings on the Galaxy S21 Plus and Ultra variants. 1. To get started, tap the Camera icon at the bottom-rightmost corner.

Low light and camera noise can lead to blurry, grainy photos, causing you to miss capturing that memorable moment. But thanks to the AI powering the camera on the Galaxy S21 series, you can now take stunning images in low light conditions with just the click of the shutter The S20 Ultra's camera experience was slow to process, delivered blurry results and had an autofocus problem. Samsung's fixed a lot of this with the S21 Ultra . Let's familiarize ourselves. The Galaxy S20 Ultra was the first device to enter the market with the moon shot function. With the 108MP camera and 100x zoom, anyone can capture beautiful photos of the moon or long-range shots. This year, with the Galaxy S21, Samsung has improved the lenses of Galaxy S21, S21+ & Galaxy S21 Ultra. The same 108MP camera lens and now gets even clear pictures and shows more details The ultra-wide camera remains fixed focus - only the S21 Ultra gets an autofocusing ultra-wide among all Galaxies. The lens has a field of view of 120 degrees and an f/2.2 aperture, while the size of the 12MP sensor is 1/2.55, with 1.4µm pixels The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 2 both took huge steps in the right direction for camera quality, and those lessons have been applied to the Galaxy S21 as well

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra's camera is superb, and due to the technical advancements in the phone, Single Take has evolved to become even more capable than when we first saw it on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Galaxy S21 Ultra is the latest premium flagship offering from Samsung. Samsung is known for its flagship phone camera capabilities and the S21 ultra's setup has taken it further high in expectations. The S20 Ultra on the other hand was one that came out with more hype and failed to keep up The Galaxy S21 is the only Android phone that doesn't suck at SnapchatOne little step towards a better Snapchat. Snapchat on Android has historically proven to be pretty terrible when it comes to. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G comes with a 6.8-inch screen, measuring at 75.6 x 165.1 x 8.9 millimeters and weighing 229g (mmW), 227g (sub6). 2. *Measured diagonally, Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G's screen size is 6.8 in the full rectangle and 6.6 with accounting for the rounded corners; actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners and camera hole The S21 Ultra camera uses Advanced Remosaic processing to give you clearer, more detailed images. It's truly amazing how much detail the S21 Ultra's main camera is able to capture and is a world of difference from the S20 Ultra's main camera

The Galaxy S21 Ultra proved to be one of the best camera phones in our testing, keeping pace with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The shots produced by the Galaxy S21 Plus aren't quite up to that standard. In the camera department, the Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a major improvement over its predecessor S20 Ultra—replacing the latter's 103 mm-equivalent periscope tele-lens with a dual-tele setup. A 70 mm lens takes care of medium-range tele shots, while a 240 mm juggernaut allows for extremely long tele-zooming The standout feature of last year's Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was its camera, a five-lens setup that could shoot at a crazy 100x magnification. A year later, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is Samsung's.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra's Wide-angle lens is optimized to capture spacious scenes with minimal distortion. A comparison of photos taken with the Galaxy S21 Ultra's Wide-angle lens, a full-frame DSLR, and a crop-sensor DSLR with a wide-angle (24-70mm) lens. As you can see in the images above, the Galaxy S21 Ultra's Wide-angle lens offers a. The Color and sharpness are as good as we get from the rear camera module. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G runs a new and improved OneUI 3.1, which is based on Android 11. It is smooth and gives a. Leave your DSLR at home: The S21 Ultra is the king of outdoor photography. Earlier this year Samsung announced the S21 Ultra, the third iteration of the company's Ultra series after the S20 Ultra and the Note 20 Ultra. The Ultras. At the time I was paying particular attention because my experience with the Note 20 Ultra's camera was. The familiar favourite and latest iPhone, the 12 Pro Max is a popular choice for those who enjoy photography, and is said to have the edge on the iPhone 12 Pro's camera also.. As a camera phone, it's packed full of features, including a 2.5x optical zoom and even its own LiDAR scanner, which can help your camera sense depth in a scene, to then mimic the 'bokeh' effect (...aka, that blurry.

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra borrows the selfie camera from the S Ultra a 40MP QuadBayer shooter with autofocus It saves 10MP images, but you can opt for 40MP, too15/4/21 Samsung's Galaxy S21 5G is the middle seat of the company's current highend S21 series, squeezed between the slightly smaller S21 5G and the topoftheline S21 Ultra 5G It sports a 1 Hz, 67inch AMOLED screen, slightly larger than its. In general, landscapes look more grand when using a wide-angle camera on your phone. On the S21 Ultra 5G, you also get a macro camera so you can capture small details in focus and truly up close. Portraits look great when using the Telephoto or Zoom lenses and will create some beautiful background blur (or bokeh) from this as well S21 Ultra at 1x, 3x, and 10x. Samsung's extra cameras do prove that having the additional hardware is a worthwhile effort, directly opposing the strategy of the competing Android camera, Google. This Galaxy S21 camera guide explains everything you need to know about the Galaxy S21 Camera app: how to access (open) the Camera app, the layout and meaning of all buttons in the app, and touchscreen gestures supported in Galaxy S21 Camera app. Although Galaxy S21 Ultra has a more sophisticated camera system, compared to Galaxy S21 and Galaxy. Yeah, but the Galaxy S21 Ultra can take 12 bit HDR photos or — in normal speak — it can capture 64 times more color data than the Galaxy S20 Ultra before it. Also, the 108 MP sensor is expected to have less focusing issues thanks to the added laser autofocus. On the front, we also have an extra-sharp sensor — a 40 MP selfie camera there.

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Finally, the camera set. To recap, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G includes a 108MP Wide, 10MP periscope telephoto, 10MP telephoto and a 12MP ultrawide camera for its camera array. It is by far the most comprehensive set of lenses in smartphones today. And the selfie camera is no slouch at 40MP wide Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max. Keen phone photographers will love the four rear camera setup with a 108MP wide-angle lens on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, iPhone 12 Pro. The S21 Ultra, like last year, can max out at 100x Space Zoom, and while photos at that level is still a bit blurry, it's far more usable this year because of a new software trick called.

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For $749, the Axon 30 Ultra packs a Snapdragon 888, a big camera array with multiple zoom levels, and premium build quality. However, there are still rough edges abound, and the phone's 5G. Google Pixel 6 Pro's price could rival iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus - TechRadar. One day after Google announcement its new flagship phones, the Google pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro, we've heard a bit more about the latter - and it looks like it may have a higher price tag closer to the Samsung galaxy s21 and what we expect from. Sunday (Last edited 7 hours ago by SamsungJoJo ) in. Galaxy S21. Hi! I bought this phone as supossed to be the top notch, but today when i took some pics with my friends with the selfie camera in 40mp, the pictures are blurry and not focused on the faces. Didn't have time to to test the 100mp camera on the back S21 ultra Camera Focus enhancer 4 weeks ago I have just got my brand new Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra, went to use the camera and the photos are coming out very blurry, the Focus enhancer does not appear to be working , i physically have to knock the screen to get this to focus - Something is not right on what is supposed to be such a good phone. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is also much better at focusing than last year's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 Ultra, but fast moving subjects such as energetic puppies can result in blurry images - even in good light. The laser autofocus sensor designed to help with this doesn't quite do enough

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Camera app. Samsung has made it really easy to fire up the camera quickly when the phone is locked, so there's no excuse for missing a shot. You can either double-click the power button, or slide up from the camera icon at the bottom right of the unlock screen. The camera app itself is attractively designed and. The camera system on the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best I've used on any Android phone and is extremely competitive with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. And with telephoto shots, it usually wins outright..

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the ultimate overkill in the new 2021 flagship series, packing in a flagship SoC, a premium build, a great display, and an amazing camera setup, as well as all the. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra's main selling points are its Exynos 2100, 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM, 128 GB of UFS 3.1 memory, a powerful quad-camera array, and a 5,000 mAh battery The Galaxy S21 Ultra is also much better at focusing than last year's Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 Ultra, but fast-moving subjects such as energetic puppies can result in blurry images—even in good light. The laser autofocus sensor designed to help with this doesn't quite do enough

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: 3x and 10x zoom. Huawei P40 Pro Plus: 3x and 10x zoom. Both phones are capable of 3x and 10x zoom and at the former zooming level, you will be hard-pressed to notice any standing-out difference - they offer great white balance, exposure, and colours. At 10x zoom, Huawei P40 Pro started to underexpose shots The more you zoom on a camera, the harder it is to hold the camera steady without making the picture blurry. Like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has laser-based autofocus, which. Indeed, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a quad-lens camera system with two different zoom lenses for 3x and 10x zoom, a 108-megapixel standard wide lens, and an ultra-wide lens. That sounds great, if you. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra features a 108MP primary camera and a 10MP telephoto camera that offers 100X Space Zoom output. 3 minute read Published 14 January 2021, 10:05 EST Updated 15 January 2021.

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The Phantom Black S21 Ultra looks great, but it's an intense black, as you can tell from the pictures in this review. This means it shows fingerprints, dust and smudges around its camera bump rather easily. On the plus side, the Gorilla Glass Victus rear features a matte texture that helps alleviate this It is a photography phone. It is also excellent in videography. A Malaysian movie director even shot an entire short film 100% with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Go ahead, watch the short film that was shot entirely with the S21 Ultra below: The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is able to shoot a 4K video at 60fps and up to 8K at 24fps Best Camera Smartphones 2021: VERDICT. In the first place is the very versatile Galaxy S21 Ultra. The phone not only took four firsts in individual categories but was never placed at the bottom in. Moving to the front camera, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a 40MP selfie camera in a punch hole. It captures the face with great detail. Not only that, the subject's hair strands were also captured well. There were no blurry edges during in well-lit rooms and daylight

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The Galaxy S21's selfie camera has dual-pixel autofocus and can lock in on my eyes perfectly. That's not to say iPhone 12 selfies aren't in focus, but that the Galaxy S21 can nail a truly sharp focus That camera module on the S21 Ultra houses a quad camera system plus a laser autofocus, while the lower-tier S21 and S21 Plus models stick with a triple camera array. which appeared blurry. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra • Price, UK Release Date, Specs • From £1,149. If you want the best of the best, the Galaxy S21 Ultra should be top of your wishlist. At £1,149 it's not cheap, but it does pack an improved camera system, which Samsung says is their most advanced Pro-grade camera system ever built As per the spec sheet, the vanilla Galaxy S21 bags the same triple-lens camera setup available in last year's Galaxy S20. While the contour cut camera module on the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G features a 108MP primary camera, 10MP periscope telephoto sensor, 10MP telephoto camera, 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens, along with a Laser AF sensor Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Samples - Flickr One UI 3.1 is a subtle, but big update The Galaxy S21 Ultra review unit that we received has Android 11, the One UI 3.1 update along with the. Like me, you may assume the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a major advantage in the detail department thanks to its larger 108MP main camera. But to do so does a major disservice to the Google Pixel 5's computational photography capabilities and overestimates the level of detail that can be pulled from Samsung's pixel binned camera arrangement