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In Ireland, these magicks are known as Piseógs (Pish-ogues). The name is commonly used to cover all superstitions, but in reality a Piseóg has much darker connotations. An Irish curse (although sometimes used for protection) designed for maximum impact, cast by a foe, a neighbour with a grudge or even the fairies themselves In Ireland these magicks are known as Piseógs (Pish-ogues). The name is commonly used to cover all superstitions, but in reality a Piseóg has much darker connotations. An Irish curse (although sometimes used for protection) designed for maximum impact, cast by a foe, a neighbour with a grudge or even the fairies themselves Pisoegs or pishogues are those odd baseless superstitions that have a long tradition in Ireland. The word piseog has different contexts in Ireland: it can mean a superstitious belief or practice,.. Irish curses vary from simple incantations such as: May you be afflicted with an itch and have no nails to scratch it with, May you be a load of four before the year is out (it usually takes at least 4 people to carry a coffin), May you find the bees but not the honey, May you scratch a beggarman's back one day (may you be poor). There is a whole other type of curse in Ireland however. SO, moving on to 'piseogs'. This is one of those terms in Irish that can have multiple meanings. People will quite often refer to things as just being piseogs, meaning they are simply superstition. The Ó Dónaill an Ua Mhaoileoin dictionary give the definitions as

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Irish superstitions/piseogs/pisóca. Title says it all really, for anyone who's hearing for the first time a piseog is a superstition, generally to do with farming and generally negative as far as I know Piseogs are the disappearing, peculiarly Irish, superstitions that attend every aspect of human behaviour. Ian Ó Loingsigh takes us back to the days when the act of cursing implied something slightly more sinister than calling your friend a fuckhead for robbing your flip-flops In Ireland, the word for superstition is Piseog, but it means much more than simple sayings and quaint beliefs. We're not talking Wicca here, and it wasn't even really called Witchcraft in Ireland. Just, 'the Old Ways', or similar Irish Superstitions And Piseogs. Holly And Ivy As Christmas Decorations. Furze - The Yellow Flower Of The Irish Landscape. Ireland - A Land of Trees In The Time Of Saint Patrick. Bidding Farewell - A Not-So-Simple Irish Ritual. Irish Halloween Superstitions Foretelling Romance, Love And Marriage

East Clare resident and well-known storyteller Eddie Lenihan says piseogs can be described as simply old superstitions but they have a more sinister side that he says is the Irish equivalent of.. THE NATIONAL FOLKLORE Collection in UCD houses a huge archive of Ireland's oral and cultural history, from manuscripts to students' copybooks. Part of the collection has been uploaded to dúchas.ie,.. For the majority of Irish people, Easter is also associated with the 1916 Easter Rising, in which Irish rebels such as Michael Collins, Padraig Pearse, James Connolly, and many more banded together to rebel against British rule in the country, sparking several years of intense and bitter fighting that eventually lead to Ireland's independence Piseogs. I'm sure this is a more appropriate area for this rather than Paranormal. You have the mallacht in Irish, which again is used sparingly- things like 'I wish you a death by drowning' to 'may your penis explode'. Last edited by Fuinseog; 14-06-2012 at 09:49. 14-06-2012, 11:31.

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  1. SO, moving on to 'piseogs'. This is one of those terms in Irish that can have multiple meanings. People will quite often refer to things as just being piseogs, meaning they are simply superstition. The Ó Dónaill an Ua Mhaoileoin dictionary give the definitions as: · Geis (A supernatural taboo or injunction) · Ortha (A Charm
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  4. (Ireland) An evil spell; a curse.··superstition, belief (in plural) superstition(s), superstitious practices spell, charm, medicin
  5. The mythology of the Irish fairies is or at least was very much part of rural Ireland. Today most people would laugh if you mentioned fairies and many would imagine tiny winged creatures from a Disney cartoon or childs story book. The truth behind the fairies in Ireland is based on much darker stories of witchcraft and curses or piseogs as they.

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Despite many piseogs, Irish soil doesn't have supernatural healing powers. According to new research, however, it has remarkable bacterial ones; microbes living in it are able to see off. Piseogs, or superstitions, are an extension of folk medicine and the Doctrine of Signatures applies also to them. If an animal or plant resembles an organ of the body, then, according to the famous.. Piseogs are dying out and I never took any notice of them. The most common ones were to do with walking under ladders or spotting magpies, or the colour red. If you met a foxy woman on the road.

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Piseogs are simply magic and magical ideas. Piseogs include the notion of carrying a rabbit's foot for luck or a badgers tooth to improve your chances of winning a competition. As the Irish Examiner points out; Piseogs, or superstitions, are an extension of folk medicine and the Doctrine of Signatures applies also to them Discover how Irish country butter is made and all the piseogs (superstitions!) around it in the past! Carmel will demonstrate how to make traditional Irish soda scones before you make them yourself. While the scones are baking in the oven she will show you how to make traditional Irish brown soda bread A priest's daughter's potent pants and other summer solstice piseogs Solstice is sacred to Aine, who is to Tantric sex what white water rafting is to a paddling pool Wed, Jun 20, 2018, 17:2 English [] Etymology []. Anglo-Irish, from Irish piseog ( witchcraft ), from Middle Irish piseóc, pisóc.. Pronunciation []. IPA (): /pɪˈʃəʊɡ/; Rhymes: -əʊɡ Noun []. pishogue (plural pishogues) . Magic, witchcraft; a spell, especially one designed to cause or cure illnesses to man or beast, or to increase or decrease the quantities of farm products such as butter or milk The aim is to protect your boundaries from bad luck in the form of piseogs. East Clare resident and well-known storyteller Eddie Lenihan says piseogs can be described as simply old superstitions but they have a more sinister side that he says is the Irish equivalent of voodoo in the Caribbean. Badnes

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Ghosts and Piseog in Ireland. Old Ireland, especially the West, was known to be a place full of piseog or, superstition. These included, ring forts, believed to be fairie forts which were left undisturbed by farmers plows or roads; a belief in little people, Banshee and fairies, or, good people; stories of changelings replacing human. The Irish name for it is Cathair Crobh Dearg, meaning 'Mansion of the Red Claw'. On the western side of the finely preserved four metre thick stone walls is an entrance (known as the gap), and anyone coming in that way has to pass by a holy well. and continuity is assured both through holy ritual and piseogs. Old Irish Cures. Healing Rituals in 20th Century Tipperary. Piseogs and Curses: The Dark Side of Charms. G enerations past weren't only afraid of naturally occurring diseases and injury.

The Piseógs. Sligo, Ireland. The Piseógs are (clearly) a non-conformist ska band. Their sound tips its cap to Jamaican ska and rocksteady, adding some other flavours in the mix The Irish Soda Bread Way. Meet Mary and Carmel two local baking fanatics who are dying to introduce you to some of the fascinating aspects of traditional Irish soda bread making. Discover how Irish country butter is made and all the piseogs (superstitions!) around it in the past. Carmel will demonstrate how to make traditional Irish soda scones. Piseogs the madness of being Irish, Churning Superstition. If you happen to be churning butter and a visitor calls to the house, they have to help out with the churning. Otherwise the butter will spoil and its bad luck to the household. Clever stroke whoever came up with that one, a great excuse to get out of churning

Kerrywoman Clodagh Finn on writing about women in Irish history. Author Clodagh Finn has always been inspired by stories, particularly around the landscape that she grew up in, in Kerry. Her family, particularly her dad and her Auntie Mary, were wonderful storytellers and it was perhaps because of their gift of the gab that Clodagh became more. The Scot reaches in and plucks the fly out. The Irishman reaches in, picks the fly out, holds it up close to his face and shouts, Spit it out you little bastard.. 7. More sheep. Yes, this is another potentially offensive and dirty Irish joke involving sheep. Scroll down if you're easily offended It's no secret that us Irish can be a superstitious bunch. Whether it's warding off those temperamental fairies, paying heed to old piseogs 'just in case', or avoiding curses and plagues, we often seem to end up doing nonsensical things in the run up to important occasions to make sure everything goes according to plan Irish curses vary from simple incantations such as: May you be afflicted with an itch and have no nails to scratch it with, May you be a... The Moon is Waning - What better time to give up smoking? The waning of the moon is the perfect time to banish unhealthy habits, relationships and attitudes from our lives Well there is A LOT of Irish folklore, too many to mention, but one of my personal favourites in the Dobhar-Chú. Dobhar cú is also another name for otter as gaeilge. It means water hound. the Dobhar-Chú I'm talking about is also known as King ot..

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Home Topics Society & Culture History & Heritage Piseogs Notices Welcome to Boards.ie; here are some tips and tricks to help you get started. Boards.ie is a discussion board with a wide range of forums, including - but not limited to -. Irish Cursing and the Art of Magic, 1750-2018 *. Irish Cursing and the Art of Magic, 1750-2018. Thomas Waters. Thomas Waters. Imperial College London. E-mail: thomasedwardwaters@gmail.com. Search for other works by this author on: Oxford Academic. Google Scholar

Piseogs [superstitions] are still heeded on the islands too, says Molloy. That is why a red-haired woman who turns up at a door on New Year's Eve is unlikely to be shown indoors. It would be. There were a lot of piseogs and ghosts before electricity came in. Publican Paddy Quilter in Lixnaw, the Co. Kerry village with a (possibly) haunted cottage Dr Marion McGarry is an Irish historian based in Sligo. Author of four books, she is also a heritage consultant and illustrator. She lectures at Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT). She has a Master's Degree in art history (University of Limerick) and a PhD (Ulster University). BOOKS: Marion McGarry, Irish Customs and Rituals: How Our Ancestors Celebrated Life and the Seasons (Orpen.

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  1. It gives an intriguing insight into the influence of superstitions and piseogs on Irish music. Beautifully illustrated and accompanied by two CDs jam-packed with collected recordings of song, story, music and lilting(!), The Otherworld delves into the mysteries of the sídhe, standing stones, cairns, holy wells, the púca, the banshee etc.
  2. Irish fairies are no Disneyfied pixies. They hold grudges. Destroying the bush could result in violent fairy retribution — faulty brakes, mangled cars, death
  3. Listowel Connection This blog is a personal take on Listowel, Co. Kerry. I am writing for anyone anywhere with a Listowel connection but especially for sons and daughters of Listowel who find themselves far from home
  4. ANN MASSEY speaks to renowned Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick about Irish mythology, Phil Lynott's love of Irish folklore and dark poets and THAT Che Guevara poster! Top 10 dark Ireland folk songs based on hauntings and death. Ann Massey-25 April 2020 0
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  1. The Irish Bean Feasa or Fear Feasa traditions are more akin to the Native medicine women and men of the American continent. The Bean Feasa is a walker between worlds and has a place in Irish society as a healer, seer, guide, ceremonial facilitator and connector to the land
  2. es our bizarre fascination with death and magic. There is an old saying, 'Níl luibh na leighas in aghaidh an bhais' - 'There is no herb or cure for death '
  3. Moriarty, John Stephen (1938-2007), philosopher and shaman, was born 2 February 1938 at Moyvane, near Listowel, Co. Kerry, fourth of six children (two sons and four daughters) of James Moriarty, smallholder and native speaker of Irish (with eleven cows and 'thirty-two acres of bad, rushy land'), and his wife Mary (née O'Brien)
  4. We will be looking for what remains of the market gardens and pastures, down the country lanes and meadows, past old farmhouses, magical plants, and a secret orchard. As the 23rd is St. John's Eve, one of the most important evenings of the old Irish calendar, we will be sharing local folklore, traditions, and superstitions as we go
  5. An Irish curse (although sometimes used for protection) designed for maximum impact, cast by a foe, a neighbour with a grudge or even the fairies themselves. Much folk magic uses an external force, such as summoning a demon to do one's bidding, or in Jewish folklore, writing an intention on a piece of paper and placing it in the mouth of a.

Traditional Irish Music School. 160 likes. We've been hosting Traditional Irish Music Students for over 15 years connecting students with tutors in the beautiful Counties of Leitrim & Sligo in the.. Bealtaine ('Bee-yowl-tan-eh', anglicised as Beltane) is upon us in the northern hemisphere. The Celtic year begins in Samhain, we enter the dark half of the year, which is upon us until the coming of Bealtaine, the Irish word for the month of May. This marks a turning point in the Celtic Wheel, th Irish blessings. 2,819 likes · 356 talking about this. In celebration of the Saint Patrick's Day, I would like to collect the blessings, proverbs and kind sayings attributed to the Irish people... The huge oral repertoire of Irish fairy-narrative constantly reinforces the idea that it is a mistake to sacrifice long-term stability for short-term gain, or to place individual interests above those of the community. In some cases of very bad or persistent piseogery St. Benedict was invoked for protection He also uses rich, often local vocabulary, and Irish-English words like piseogs and craic occur frequently. The uselessness of words is also a persistent theme, as when Johnsey's widowed mother.

Irish customs, piseogs and bowls of shamrock are to the fore this week. The shamrock thing began in 1952 when Harry Truman was sent, by Ireland's ambassador to the US, a little box of the stuff. Now, St Patrick's Day expands and grows. Obama was the first to turn the White House fountain green and for Enda Kenny trad piseogs (folk superstitions), and I'll admit to getting up in the dawn a couple of times in my teen Drawing on an Irish Republican tradition of martyrdom, Sands' emotive, non-violent protest to be classified as a political prisoner became a defining moment in 20th century Irish history. Sands' death after 66 days marked a key turning point i Bean Tighe - House Spirit. The Bean-Tighe (Pronounced ban-tee) and meaning woman of the house. Is a relatively new Irish fairy. First reference appearing in an Evans-Wentz book in 1911. Evans-Wenz who was not Irish or part of the Irish culture, made the reference from a story similar to a type of Bean-Sidhe

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POTIONS and Piseogs, which is a collection of remedies, cures and tales from Kilrush and surrounding areas was launched in Kilrush Community School last Thursday. The booklet was produced by a group of parents of pupils who attend Kilrush Community School Birds, Beehives & Bereavement Dogs, Banshees, Piseogs (or superstitions). A priest curses mayo football, and how all of this is placed in the funeral tradition. In rural areas, if somebody dies in the house where bees are kept, you must go straight to the hive and tell the bees of the bereavement otherwise the beehive [ sexuality, identity, and the family on the Irish stage. Contemporary, rural, and family-based, Carr's plays abound in references to Irish folklore and myth and evoke realms 01 the dead, the supernatural, and the pre-Christian world of fairies - piseogs and the Sidhe. This sensibility can be traced back to the Irish dramati This Irish cottage may really be haunted by violent fairies There were a lot of piseogs and ghosts before electricity came in.. Shane Broderick Photography I reached out to Shane Broderick of Ireland's Folklore and Traditions to talk about his wonderful blog 'Ireland's Folklore and Traditions' as well as gain some insight into his background and inspiration. His blog and facebook page are fantastic resources, are rich in knowledge and particularly for anyone wanting to read o

While the Irish might have a rich oral tradition and centuries worth of legends, he feels these aren't reaching the new generation. Eighty per cent of the stuff is English and we have so many stories, legends of all kinds, heroes of our own and their story should be told. It doesn't matter whether it's my version or the original ones. An Irish cook is a very particular thing. Potatoes loom large but so do adding extra to every recipe in case a dozen people drop by unannounced, setting the table with salt, pepper and bread (as if batch loaf was another condiment) and arguing over whose mother's recipes are the best. Just how much of an Irish chef are you See that house there (the third house from the left): A man called Johnny O'Connell used to live in it.He was a very nice old man. When I was young ( 6-7 yrs old) I used to go in to visit him on my way home from school. One day he brought me in to show me something new he'd just got Temair is the Irish word for Tara and is thought to mean site of great prospect, sanctuary or sacred space. Before she committed to this ceremony, the sovereignty goddess often appeared in different forms using her shapeshifting powers to test the worthiness of a prospective king

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  1. The Irish people are very superstitious and in Ireland we have what is generally known as piseogs. These date back to the olden times. By these people believed that there is some power that they take their cattle and sheep from them and destroy their cops
  2. Fairies, Ghosts and Ghouls - Magical Irish folklore alive and well in Newbridge. Tales of banshees, monsters, ghosts, piseogs, fairy folk and much, much more is what you can expect to hear from Legendary Storyteller Eddie Lenihan as he treats listeners, young and old, to a magical storytelling afternoon at Riverbank Arts Centre Newbridge this Saturday
  3. Center map. My aunt is Maggie Moran of Carrowsallagh Newport or Maggie Frank as she was known. Moran was the most common name in Newport parish and every Moran family had a nickname. The family had a long weaving tradition in Carrowsallagh. She watched her own mother Mary a seamstress decorating the edges of blankets with fancy stitching and.

Irish gobbledegook. Arra go way translates to No way, I don't believe you. G'wan or Go on is a multi-purpose phrase and can mean Keep moving, I urge you to. Piseogs Much has been said but little written of the old Irish piseóg, the word of the curse. Now the same term is often used to refer to general traditions and superstitions in Ireland, things like if you're ever lost, turn your socks inside out to find your way home, or opening the back door if you hear a knock at the front door, to let the. McKiernan, Eoin (1915-2004), cultural entrepreneur and promoter of Irish studies, was born in Manhattan, New York city, on 10 May 1915, eldest of four children of Henry McKiernan (born in America of Cavan-Leitrim parents), foreman engineer, and his wife Delia (née Nagle), who had emigrated to New Jersey from Tullygarvan, near Lahinch, Co. Clare, and had been a domestic servant before her.

Additional Information: Blarney & District Historical Society presents an illustrated lecture titled 'The Cycles of Time' Exploring Irish Folk Belief, 'Piseogs', Ritual and Custom. Piseoga or superstitions are still around in today's world Bealtaine gets its name from the Celtic god, Bel, god of Light, Fire and Fulfilment, who may be traced back to the Middle Eastern god Ball. 'Ball Tine' (the fire of Ball), is the derivation of the month's name in Irish. A fire was kindled in his honour, and cattle were driven between two fires as a safeguard against disease Colette Sheridan. FROM piseogs and mythology to adventures on the high seas, People of the Sea: A Maritime History Of Beara by Marc O'Sullivan Vallig, is an interesting read. The author, a writer and artist from Eyeries in Beara, is clearly familiar with the sea-faring culture of the area. Indeed, the book is dedicated to his uncle, Cormac O.

Also, many of the older rural people still believed in piseogs or Irish curses. Even after over 1500 years of Christianity the tenuous connection to our pagan past was never fully eradicated. 9. Reply. Top Authors. Kyle . Meža Vilks . Sinead . J. Belenger . Quintus Sertorius . Robert Heimdal . HuckleBuck411 . noble Produced in fine sterling silver, this pendant is a perfect lucky charm for anyone Irish, or anyone wishing they were. According to the old magick, shamrocks grant immunity to glamours or illusions, and protects from piseogs, (malicious hexes). Gift someone or yourself with this lovely good luck charm The Irish word for road is 'Bothar' directly translated as 'Cattle Way'. Semi-nomadic, many had a base in a Ringfort, leaving it for periods of time to mind their cattle in the open. Suffice to say, she has left the track of her hatchet on the Irish landscape. Many superstitions and piseogs in Ireland have her at their root, for example, a fine and sunny St Brigit's Day (February 1 - Imbolic) means she is gathering firewood and we are set to endure a long winter, as happened in 2018

Fairies and piseogs are deeply intertwined, with many of these old superstitions warning against offending our little countrymen or offering tips to help befriend them. Bridget Cleary (née Boland) was just twenty-six years old at the time of her death, a dressmaker, milliner and egg-seller living in Killenaule, Co. Tipperary Women Cured of Piseogs (continued) (continued from previous page) dairy door for the first person she saw coming. The priest took one of the hoops of the tub but the woman saw no one coming. However as the priest was pulling on the hoop again the widow said that a woman was approaching in a great hurry Co. Antrim: From the Irish Aontroim, meaning 'Lone Ridge'. Antrim is a county renowned for its natural beauty and mythology. One of the world's most famous landmarks can be found along the coast of Antrim, the Giant's Causeway, built by the legendary hero and giant Fionn mac Cumhaill. all that oul talk is piseogs It's just a hawthorn bush. Irish fairies are no Disneyfied pixies. They hold grudges. Destroying the bush could result in violent fairy retribution — faulty brakes, mangled cars, death. The government rerouted the highway and built a protective fence around the bush as an offering to the spirits Well my sister and l don't believe we know that banshees not banshee are real. We have encountered them when we were younger. Ever since l was baptized l haven't seen one like one time like 17 years ago. My sister on the other hand who is more med..

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Derek McGrath, the Waterford hurling manager, is a self confessed horror for the piseógs, the old Irish word for deep superstitions.He's not quite as tormented by them as Paidí Ó Sé, the. Although superstitions abound in all societies, Irish tradition has an especially long and rich tradition of folk beliefs and superstitions. Thus, when a newborn infant was recently diagnosed with Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome, 1 a triad of port-wine stain, varicose veins, and hypertrophy, his mother burst out crying saying: My mother says that someone must have thrown water at me when I. In a dry year with piseogs They said And crossed themselves Who revered the Devil and feared God. There's no luck in piseogs: Look at her mad sons Locked in 'Beauty's Home'. They were run down Through furze and river After the mother's funeral And committed to asylum until death. Ravens attacked her coffin As dusty earth Crumbled in the open grave

I remember tourist calling to my home asking my parents for permission to visit the stones on our farm. We would sometimes grumble about the stones when they got in the way of cutting silage but for generations, they were never interfered with or moved, protected by piseogs, spells cast by the little people or Irish fairies Visitors who called to the house while butter was being made were expected to take a turn at churning. There were many piseógs (Irish : charms and spells) associated with butter-making. It was widely believed that the butter could be stolen by a local 'hag' using magic, especially during the month of May

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Richie Stephens as Jack Dunne, a relative to a man convinced his wife is a Changeling on Lore. Long and lean Irish actor Richie Stephens guest-stars on the original horror series Lore for Amazon 'Distribution Patterns in Irish Folk Tradition', Béaloideas, 33, 97-113, p. 104. Available on JSTOR. S. Ó Súilleabháin (1967). Irish Folk Custom and Belief, (Three Candles Limited: Dublin), p. 65. NFCS, 1081:44. The term 'May Pole' here refers to a pole upon which a decorated bush is placed

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  1. Mr Healy-Rae's daughter Maura Healy-Rae told Killarney Municipal District Council that he's 'convinced' the piseogs is causing the recurring problem on the Kerry road. The Irish Independent reports that Maura Healy-Rae told the Council meeting that her father was 'convinced' the little people were the cause of problems at the road.
  2. The crisp style stops at the door of Piseogs, however, the incredibly stylish bar decorated around the theme of Irish myths. There are seven separate areas in the enormous pub, each one styled to.
  3. Danny's face lit up when he saw the May Bush, but he remarked it was a bit small. Danny spoke briefly about the old traditions associated with May. Danny noted that the first of May, or May Day, in the traditional Irish calendar was considered the first day of summer. All the fairies, and their like with malign intent, would be out the first.
  4. Day trip including Jaunting Car Ride, Gap of Dunloe, Killarney National Park | After my travels around the world, I was fortunate to settle in Killarney with it's mountains, lakes, hikes, traditional music and warm people. While in the summer the population increases vastly, in the winter it goes back to the local community. Killarney is known a
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Moonlight Theatre Group will perform the play, Nano, by Kerry-born Sigerson Clifford in the Concert Hall, Thomastown on February 14, 15 and 16 (Thursday to Saturday) at 8pm nightly. They are returning to Thomastown after the success of their last production in the magical venue, Lovers Meeting, whic.. A guide to piseogs, Ireland's sinister folk magic spells to legend and lore about malicious púca and the weather, Michaelmas used to be an important day in the Irish calendar Nuacht Chl The local newsletter for Claregalway & Carnmore Vol. 16 Iss. 8 | May 2012. The Best Recipes Are Easy! p.12. The Picnic p.8. p.8 The Nuacht Chláir is the local newsletter for.

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