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Analyzing Political Cartoons What is a political cartoon? Interpretive drawing, sometimes with words, that convey an idea or message about a current issue, event, or problem. Are simple, usually black and white, graphic depictions of a news story or event. Portray people's attitudes about a problem or issue Handout 3: Cartoon Analysis Worksheet! (Take brief notes to use in a class discussion) 1. This cartoon makes fun of one aspect of politics in the 1800s. Can you explain? (a one sentence summary of its main point)!! 2. In what ways does this image of a statue remind you of monuments dedicated to great or heroic figures? 3 Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Level 1 Visuals Words (not all cartoons include words) 1. List the objects or people you see in the cartoon. 1. Identify the cartoon caption and/or title

Seuss political cartoon analysis on isolationism during world war ii activity focuses on america s stance on whether to join the war in europe. Cartoon analysis worksheet answer key. Words not all include words 4. 2 write down what you think the message of the cartoon is. Railroad owners held extensive power and fortune in the 1870s in america Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Answers from briefencounters.ca Zimmermann's office sent the telegram to the german embassy in the united states for retransmission to eckardt in mexico. Words are there labels, descriptions, thoughts, or dialogue? Entered wwii, the pittsburgh courier was an unapologetic megaphone for african americans, and. Political Cartoon Analysis: Understanding Brexit Teaching with the News Online Resource 2. Identify at least two techniques that the cartoonist used and explain what ideas are conveyed through each tech-nique. a. b. 3. What is the message of the cartoon? 1. Observation Describe the objects or people in the cartoon. Describe the action taking. political cartoons, we encourage you to visit www.politicalcartoons.com — a comprehensive website that includes lesson plans and classroom resources on a wide array of subjects. Table of Contents Analyzing Political Cartoons (Student Worksheet) Monsters Under the Bed Tsunami, War, Recent Events (2004-2005)

POLITICAL CARTOON ANALYSIS WORKSHEET List the objects or people you see in the cartoon Page 3 WWW.PRESIDENTLINCOLN.ORG . Page 4 LESSON 5: ANALYZING POLITICAL CARTOONS Cartoonists use five main elements to convey their point of view. • symbolism - using an object to stand for an ide A political cartoon is a cartoon that makes a point about a political issue or event. It is considered a primary source. TASK: Examine the political cartoon below and fill out the chart below. When you analyze the document, be sure to Microsoft Word - Primary Source Analysis- Join or Die PC Worksheet.doc

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83. $3.00. PDF. This how to make a political cartoon activity and analysis worksheet bundle is engaging and simple to use. It has an explanation page and a printable handout worksheet that provides a political cartoon example. Students will analyze a historical event by drawing a picture of the event or policy and List of Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheet. Analyzing political cartoons student worksheet identifying the main idea. to what political event or idea is the cartoon referring. what key persons are targeted in the cartoon. how has the artist depicted these people are they distorted in any way does the artists portrayal of characters cast them in a negative or positive light These Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheets are an excellent Common Core-aligned primary source analysis activity for students! The download features 5 political cartoons related to Andrew Jackson. Each deals with a different aspect of Jackson's presidency: Spoils SystemTariff of Abo Political Cartoons. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Political Cartoons. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Analyze a cartoon, Political cartoon analysis work, Teaching social studies through political cartoons, Interpreting political cartoons to understand progressivism, Seuss wwii analyzing political cartoons, Social studies content 2014 ged assessment targets, Political.

Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Background: Railroad owners held extensive power and fortune in the 1870s in America. They used shady practices to increase their personal fortunes and win over their rivals. They used their economic power to get their way politically , and forced state and federal legislatures to increase their subsidies To analyze political cartoons, start by looking at the picture and identifying the main focus of the cartoon, which will normally be exaggerated for comic effect. Then, look for popular symbols, like Uncle Sam, who represents the United States, or famous political figures Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheet, Answer Key Background: Railroad owners held extensive power and fortune in the 1870s in America. They used shady practices to increase their personal fortunes and win over their rivals. They used their economic power to get their way politically , and forced state and federal legislatures to increas Distribute the National Archives Cartoon Analysis Guide to each student to help direct their analysis. Have students use the information from the completed worksheet to create a 1-3 paragraph analysis of their political cartoon that could be used to help other students make sense of the illustration and the subject it depicts

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CARTOON ANALYSIS WORKSHEET. VISUALS WORDS (Not all cartoons have words) Level One: 1. List the objects or people you see in the cartoon. Identify the cartoon caption and/or title. Locate three words or phrases used by the cartoonists to identify objects or people within the cartoon Cartoon Analysis Worksheet #3 1. the colonies. Write two words that describe the cartoon. Describe the action taking place in the cartoon. • As an out of class assignment, have students fill out analysis worksheet. Choose ONE of the following cartoons to analyze using the Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Handout 5: Cartoon Analysis Worksheet! (Take brief notes to use in a class discussion) 1. The cartoon's caption is The Protectors of Our Industries. What is this cartoon about? (a one sentence summary of its main point) !!!!! 2. This cartoon shows various workers holding up the products of their labor cartoon, the political cartoon. The political cartoon has a very subjective viewpoint. The goal of a political cartoonist is to try to influence the viewer to a particular viewpoint and predispose him or her to a particular action. Political cartoons are drawings with a partisan message for viewers about what they should think or do politically

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  1. Analyzing Attitudes on Immigration Through Political Cartoons Warm up: 1. Grab a worksheet and get into groups of three (if possible). 2. If you need an extra desk, just grab one from the back. 3. Put your phones and earbuds/headphones away
  2. d. Examples of responses students might give
  3. Step 3: Please look at the complete projection of the cartoon Uncle Sam Watches Over Cuba and the Philippines. Now, I will pass out copies of the cartoon. Also please locate the U.S. Imperialism Cartoon Analysis worksheet. In groups, work on Part 1 of the worksheet. 4. Step 4: As a class, we will discuss and complete Part 2 of the worksheet

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  1. Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheet: File Size: 14 kb: File Type: docx: Download File. Video Analysis Worksheet: File Size: 30 kb: File Type: doc: Download File. APUSH Cornell Notes Template: File Size: 67 kb: File Type: doc: Download File. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates
  2. 4. Once the students have sufficient background knowledge, you can display the political cartoons. Have the students take out their Political Cartoons Analysis worksheet and fill out a row for each cartoon. Make sure to walk students through the first cartoon, pointing out how each of the vocabulary is used in the cartoon. 5
  3. Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheet, Answer Key Background: Railroad owners held extensive power and fortune in the 1870s in America. They used shady practices to increase their personal fortunes and win over their rivals. They used their economic power to get their way politically , and forced state and federal legislatures to increas
  4. online lesson from LOC on analyzing political cartoons. 2. As a whole class, complete the learning activity and fill out the cartoon analysis worksheet. 3. Give each student a copy of the cartoon in the Zoom In activity. • As an out of class assignment, have students fill out analysis worksheet. Next- 1
  5. Complete a Political Cartoon Analysis worksheet (linked below) for each of the cartoons The Boston Massacre and Excise Man (linked below) and attach to p. 32 of your ISN. Choose 1 of the 2 events and write a diary entry, poem, or song on p. 31 describing the event you chose. This should be approximately 1 page long, no summary
  6. Analyze a political cartoon and understand it in terms of beliefs held by those living in the past and connect these ideas to similar ideas proposed today. Materials: Worksheet with political cartoons. Overhead projection of same political cartoon Procedures: DAY 1 Procedure 1: Hand out worksheet to each student and in groups of 3-4

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Library of Congress: Cartoon Analysis Guide. Opper Project's: Reading an Editorial Cartoon. NIEonline and AAEC : Cartoon Analysis Worksheet. National Archives: Cartoon Analysis Worksheet. Teaching History: The Cartoon Analysis Checklist. ReadWriteThink.org: Editorial Cartoon Analysis. Classroom Law Project: Political Cartoon Analysis Guide and. Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Answers. Some of the worksheets displayed are cartoon analysis work, political cartoons for the classroom, cartoons for the classroom, analyze a cartoon, lesson 5 analyzing political cartoons, political cartoon analysis. Let the class analyze the cartoons using the cartoon analysis worksheet. Analyzing political cartoons identifying the main idea of the. focus primarily on political cartoons for this lesson. There are so many avail-able from this time period, and so many with such vivid imagery that allow stu-dents to engage in analysis with very little background knowledge. As I began to collect documents for this lesson, I was a bit worried that I did not hav Cuban Missile Crisis Political Cartoon Analysis political cartoon analysis worksheet quizlet, political cartoon analysis worksheet high school, political cartoon analysis worksheet answers, political cartoon interpretation worksheet, political cartoon analysis the anaconda plan worksheet answers, image source: scribd.co An analysis worksheet prompting students to read and analyze historic places using twenty questions. The worksheet may be used during field trips to historic places or in a classroom setting while using virtual tours or digital images of historic spaces. Students examine political cartoons, created in 2005 by well-known political.

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Cartoons are a ubiquitous source of humor in the political realm that the quiz and worksheet for this lesson will help you discover. Learn about a history of such cartoons and the effect that they. Using informational text strategies political cartoon analysis worksheet answer key background. 4. including: the expansion of the US Navy, the annexation of Hawaii, the Spanish-American War, the complications of imperialism, and the building of the Panama Canal. 1. cartoon, the political cartoon Analyzing Political Cartoons Worksheet Answers from cartoon analysis worksheet answer key , source:kadada.org. Informal together with formal feedback sessions help do away with minor splinters that may hamper the practice of achieving the vision. Adhere about what to edit to the instructions. The estimating worksheet is designed to direct you

Distribute a copy of each of the three political cartoons from 1937 dealing with the court-packing plan. Have students work individually or in small groups to answer the five questions associated with the cartoons as well as fill out a cartoon analysis worksheet for each one. Political Cartoon Questions . 1. What does the first cartoon symbolize Cartoons Grade 7. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Cartoons Grade 7. Some of the worksheets for this concept are 2014 grades 8 and 9 english fal winter school support material, Cartoons for the classroom, Cartoon analysis work, Cartoons for the classroom, Jacksonian democracy via political cartoons lesson plan, Political cartoons for the classroom, English comprehension and language. Step 4: If you used the U.S. Imperialism Cartoon Analysis worksheet, as a group, discuss and complete Part 2 of the worksheet. If you used Uncle Sam Watches over Cuba and the Philippines Analysis Worksheet, as a group, discuss what students put in the venn diagram, and what they think is the cartoon's main idea

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Using gears as a visual metaphor, this political cartoon analysis worksheet gives a clear picture of one artist's perspective on the U.S. economy. Background information helps give pupils access to the cartoon's context, and 3 talking.. Suggested Teaching Instructions Students will discover how political cartoonists employ a variety of artistic techniques to convey their point of view by analyzing a political cartoon from August 30, 1939, It's a Good Act but it's Hard on the Spectators, by Clifford Berryman.This activity can be used when teaching about the beginning of WWII and American, British, and French responses to.

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It suggests teaching activities for classroom implementation, including interpreting the documents, creating cartoons, connecting to the newspaper, third-party statistics, role playing, and extension activity about cartoonist Clifford K. Berryman. Appended are a cartoon analysis worksheet and the Berryman cartoons. (BT Political Cartoon Analysis; Essay Writing Tools. LEQ & DBQ Rubrics (revised 2017) Core Structure Worksheet; APUSH Writing Tips & Transition Words; HIPPO Doc Analysis; Rubrics & Skills - revised 2017; College Board AP Classroom Website; Cornell Notes; APUSH Test Review. AP Score Calculator; Gilder Lehrman Study Guide/ Videos; More Quizlets. • document analysis worksheets for film diagramming, written documents, photographs, and political cartoons. This guide is made possible through a grant from the New York Community Trust The concern of Roman Catholic interference in public education is brilliantly rendered in what many scholars regard as Nast's most famous, and well-executed anti-Catholic image. Steeped in fear-mongering invasion imagery, Harper's Weekly published the image twice. The first, on September 30, 1871, implicated Nast's nemesis, William M.Tweed, and reprised by popular demand on May 8, 1875 This Worksheet is part of the Monroe Doctrine Bundle (3 Worksheets for $2!) 4 different political cartoons about the Monroe Doctrine with AP level questions that even tie in with AP Language and Composition. 5 0 obj European intervention in the hemisphere (closed to future colonization) would be seen as a Americans all had different opinions

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  1. Name:_____ Block:_____ Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Level 1: Visuals Level 1: Words (not all cartoons include words) List the objects or people you see in the cartoon
  2. Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Directions: Understanding perspective is integral to the ultimate understanding of historical eras.As such, it is important for you to learn about the techniques used to convey political messages and attitudes
  3. Analyzing Political Cartoons - Reconstruction. 11.2: Political Cartoon 1 - Lincoln and Johnson What does the pictures show? What does the tear in the map represent? What does the needle and thread symbolize? What does the caption tell you about reconstruction? What did the 13th Amendment do
  4. e the political cartoon and the answer the following questions. Please record your answer using complete sentences. 1. Explain what this political cartoon is about? 2. What details in words or illustrations reveal that author's perspective on the topic? (In other words, ho
  5. 1. Reset Form Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Print FormLevel 1Visuals Words (not all cartoons include words)1. List the objects or people you see in the cartoon. 1. Identify the cartoon caption and/or title. 2

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  1. Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Source Occasion 1a. Who is the person who produced this work? 2a. What is the time and place of the cartoon? 1b. Who published this work? 2b. Why is the time and place of the cartoon important? (Historical context) Subject 3. What is the general topic of this cartoon
  2. Describe the action taking place in the cartoon. THINKING DEEPER. Symbols and their meaning: Example(s) of analogy - comparing two unlike things: Explain example(s) of irony - unexpected twist to make a point: Adjectives describing emotions of cartoon and examples of each: Viewpoint/message of cartoon: Who would agree with viewpoint/message.
  3. • To use political cartoons as a device for interpreting events in Herbert Hoover's life • To hone critical-thinking skills • To involve students in the process of cartoon analysis • To encourage further historical research. Definition: A political cartoon is a drawing or comic strip containing a political or socia

http://www.google.com/imgres?q=treaty+of+versailles+political+cartoon&safe=active&hl=en&biw=1440&bih=670&tbm=isch&tbnid=DmwF9D ZhUWW9nM:&imgrefurl=http://pre.docdat. April 17, 2017. Description. This collection includes nine political cartoons about Richard Nixon's presidency and the Watergate scandal, as well as a cartoon analysis worksheet from the National Archives and Record Administration and a link to more cartoons about Nixon at the Library of Congress. Teachers may use this collection in many ways. used in political cartoons. Key elements of a political cartoon A good political cartoon gets across its creator's message through a 'jolt' of recognition or identifi cation or agreement. The creation of this 'jolt' usually involves Note that in the following pages we have usually not identifi ed the individuals in the cartoons, o E ach student will choose two of the cartoons and analyze each using the cartoon analysis worksheet provided. There are questions on each worksheet to guide the students in their analysis. (15 minutes) Day Two: Guided Practice: Using their completed analysis tools, students will write a one page summary of their findings. Th e teache Cartoons for the Classroom Presented by NIEonline.com and the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC) Get out your newspaper Gather a collection of political cartoons from your newspaper dealing with rights and liberties. Using the Cartoon Evaluation Worksheet (available online at the NIE Website) analyze each cartoon and explain.

Political Cartoon Analysis: Historical and Current Event and the Rhetorical Precis (English) Directions: History Objective: Analyze cartoon-of-the-week assigned by history teacher as evidence to help respond to the prompt of the week (from the era you are currently studying in history class). Write one paragraph explaining: Historical context Point of view of cartoonist concerning. Cartoon Analysis Guide Use this guide to identify the persuasive techniques used in political cartoons. Cartoonists' Persuasive Techniques Symbolism Cartoonists use simple objects, or symbols, to stand for larger concepts or ideas. After you identify the symbols in a cartoon, think about what the cartoonist means each symbol to stand for

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1. Why'should'we'teachstudents'howto'interpret' editorial'cartoons? 2. What'are'you'looking'for'to'learnabout'analyzing The Center has created a variety of resources which feature the cartoons including eBooks, exhibits, lesson plans, and more. You may also find it helpful to share document analysis worksheets for analyzing political cartoons with your students Online Cartoon Maker: Students can create their own political cartoons with Animatron. Students must create a free account. Google Form Zoom-In Activity: Zoom in on features of the primary source for closer analysis. Here are instructions for creating a Zoom-In Activity

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3. Allow students to view the political cartoon and then initiate an oral discussion of the political cartoon. Engage students in a discussion of the political cartoon using the National Archives political cartoon analysis worksheet Handout B as a model for analyzing a political cartoon. 4 3. A full-size picture of each cartoon, allowing students to label as instructed. 4. A graphic organizer that assists students in identifying different parts of the cartoon, analyzing symbols, and determining the meaning of each cartoon. 5. A series of questions based on each political cartoon. 6. An answer key for each cartoon The EDSITEment resource Harp Week features a cartoon, The Looking Glass for 1787, that demonstrates the depth of feeling over the issues. (If desired, use the Cartoon Analysis Worksheet on the EDSITEment-reviewed website National Archives Educator Resources to aid in your discussion.) The cartoon's precise meaning has been somewhat obscured by.

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Analysis Worksheet: The Day We Celebrate This worksheet helps students analyze the 1867 Thomas Nast cartoon depicting an Irish riot on St. Patrick's Day in New York City. Download and Save : DayWeCelebrateworksheet_Dec2011.pd Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University Park Campus Watt Wa

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Cartoon Analysis Political Cartoon on Obamacare A political cartoon is a type of drawing that utilizes imagery and text to present comments, opinions or criticisms on a contemporary national or social issue, individual or event. In most cases, these drawings provide important information that is presented in a visual and memorable manner - Political Cartoons blown up on large posters, hung at different locations around the room - Copies of Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheet from the National Archives and Records Administration adapted to only contain Level one and Level two boxes - Blank Poster board for each group - Markers, crayons, other drawing tool

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