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The circle in which your shot will land. Traversing your turret and hull reduces your firing accuracy, causing this circle to expand. For better accuracy, wait for the aiming circle to shrink. After moving your vehicle or turning turret, come to a stop and wait for the aiming circle to snap onto the target Forgive me for using a WOT Blitz picture but the mechanics are identical anyhow. The circle on the screen dictates where your shoot will land. When you fire, the shell will randomly go at any place within the circle. The shell CANNOT go outside th.. Aiming Circle. The aiming circle (also called the dispersion circle, dispersion indicator or reticle) describes the area of 2 standard deviations (2σ) from your aim point. Based on a standard normal distribution, this means that 4.2% of your shots would fall outside of the aiming circle b) Improved Aiming reduces the physical size of your aiming circle allowing you hit weakspots more reliably especially at range and helps with taking snapshots as your reticle will always be smaller. e.g. think of this equipment as improving the accuracy of your tank say you have 0.3 accuracy with Improved aiming (5%) it becomes 0.285

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  1. imap on the PC version of World of Tanks is adjustable
  2. [] Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle - posted in Mods: SPOT INDICATORadding newly spotted enemy vehicle direction using (non-penetrating) damage indication (without a sound) penetrating demage indication can be turned on using a distance threshold (below it, 0 = turned off, 150 meters by default) indicator is standard damage indicator with inverted colors so it is white/blue.
  3. g. There are two methods of ai
  4. In World of Tanks, teamwork is the key to winning battles. Invite your friends, organize into Platoons, and fight for victory together! Team Communication Battle Chat. Use the battle chat to coordinate activates with your allies. The chat panel is located above the Vehicle State Panel. Activate the battle chat. Now you can type a message to.

Tips and tricks for World of Tanks! How to have better aim when circle strafing enemies? How does double bushing and face-hugging work? All this and more in. Aiming Time. When you aim to fire, a game mechanic consisting of two dependent parts is triggered: The aiming reticle, which indicates accuracy. The aiming time, which indicates how long it takes to maximize your chance of hitting the target. The aiming reticle is the circle with a dot in its center that you see in the middle of your screen. World of Tanks is a PvP MMO game created by international game developer Wargaming. We're Redditors with a passion for gaming, tanks, and everything in between! This is a subreddit where we share WoT news, strategy tips, tank choices, and opinions. We have a number of affiliated clans on the NA, EU, and ASIA servers for all levels of game. WOT aiming is not luck, the aim circle mainly tells you the possible dispersion of your shot and that is dependent on the motion of your tank. There is much skill involved, this is evident in the leagues and tournaments. Also an earlier comment is obliviously outdated as destruction physics are now present in WOT - in 2020 I would say WOT is. World of tanks mini map. As you can see, there are three circles on it: The closest circle, which is green, shows your current view range. Any enemy tank inside that circle, will be visible to you and your team mates, unless the tank is behind a rock or building, or if it is inside a bush. The middle circle, the white one, shows the maximum.

World of Tanks #TankBetter guide to settings. The default settings in World of Tanks confuse while not providing all the information at your disposal.SUBSCRI.. Main feature is reload timer and angles for Artillery and Tank Destroyers. Two aim circles increase ability to hit the target without aiming fully if used correctly. Outer circle covers 100% of all hits and inner circle covers 68% of all hits. Custom ingame settings translation available optionally in various languages made by fans As with every vehicle type, tank destroyers also have weaknesses, most tank destroyers do not have a turret. This makes them vulnerable to medium and light tanks. The aiming circle will grow much more than turning the turret. *Premium and collector vehicles not included. Tier IV StuG III Ausf. B. Dpm-- 2850 Hp (HE shell) Penetration-- 53 m 4-2. SETTING UP THE AIMING CIRCLE . a. To setup the aiming circle (), do the following actions: (1) Unstrap the legs of the tripod, loosen the leg clamp thumbscrews, and extend the legs to the. A wet ammo rack weighs 1% of a tank's weight and either costs 200,000 or 600,000 credits depending whether it is class 1 or class 2. What a wet ammo rack does is add 50% to the health point pool of the ammo rack in a tank. For some tanks the ammo rack is either very weak as far as module health goes or the ammo rack is located in a place.

For example, there are 21 Enhanced Suspensions in World of Tanks. All these modifications will be unified into one Enhanced Suspension for all vehicles in the game, and three different classes will be available, based on the vehicle tier (in total, there will be three Enhanced Suspensions). We also aim to unify the various types of Gun Rammers Equipment is a category of additional systems, parts, and components that can improve a vehicle's combat characteristics and minimize its weaknesses. In World of Tanks, there are two types of equipment: standard and special, which is divided into improved and Bounty. Standard equipment can be purchased for credits This page is where my HUD mod belongs. This HUD mod contains many different elements for users to install: Sixth sense icon Aim circle Maddox's Aim Circle Maddox's Aim Circle (Digital Reticle Variant) Aim reticle Melty Maps Ported Digital Reticle (original works) Red and Green Reticle (original works) Download (not maintained since 4.1 Arcade Aiming Mode Issues. (Jumping Reticle) - posted in General Discussion: Ive noticed this for some time, that the Arcade Aim is bouncy trash, making it very difficult to aim on the move.It wasnt this way when I first started.Youll notice when in Arcade Aim the reticle is jumping from sky to terrain.When you are in sniper mode this doesnt happen.It greatly effects someones aim when in. While looking realistic, all it does is to throw off your aim in World of Tanks. Uncheck this to disable the kickback effect so you can aim much better between rounds. Enable battle recording - ON. Automatically records your game battle for playback later. This enables you to replay a particularly good or particularly bad battle so as to deduce.

Basically, the official reason for the nerf is that the tanks were too accurate (shooting too often to the center of aim circle) even when the AC was not fully aimed. Thus, the developers decided to separate the aim circle into 10 zones and each zone has a certain probability to have the shell land in it. This is how it looks in 9.5 - added WoT process checker to the installation code v1.10.1.4 #02 (26-11-2020): - updated contour icons: Panzerschiffer - updated aim circle in crosshairs: J1mbo v3, Taipan 3 - updated SicFunzlers's guns and engines sounds v1.10.1.4 #01 (25-11-2020): - added Crew sounds: Phrases from Georgian movies [GE], Crysis Warhead (Hungarian The SPG tanks in World of Tanks are arguably the most unique tank type on the battlefield. SPG stands for Self-Propelled Guns, and these tanks are also referred to as artillery or arty tanks for short. SPG tanks provide long-range, indirect fire support for their team, and appear as a green or red square on the minimap Supertest: GSR 3301 Setter Full Details. The GSR 3301 Setter will be a Tier VII British light tank for the upcoming light tank branch. Developed with the requirement of a new tracked combat reconnaissance vehicle put forward by General Staff in 1964, in 1965 the research and development work was completed. A dimensional mockup model was build.

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The chance for penetration is defined by the thickness of armor (angle of the armor and tilt of the vehicle are also taken into account) and the penetration value of the shell. This works out to +-30% from standard armor-piercing. If a shell strikes the armor, it takes a specified set of parameters into account regarding how many hit points it. In addition to the accuracy, aim time is also important. A number given in the game indicated how many seconds we need to reduce the sight circle to 1/3 of its initial value. But this doesn't always guarantee an accurate shot: if we were moving recently or were turning the turret, the total time needed to aim the target can be higher than the.

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  1. g reticle has reached its smallest. It takes a long time for a SPG's targeting reticle to reach its smallest circle - and an even longer time to reload. As a rule of thumb, fire only after your reticle has reached its smallest circle. This gives you highest accuracy. Put off the temptation to shoot prematurely, and be.
  2. Crosshairs (sights) for World of Tanks The sights in World of Tanks are actually the center of the game interface and their appearance and capabilities affect your game comfort and performance. That is why sights are the most popular and downloadable among all modifications of the game client
  3. g Circle. 150m. How far should you be from Tanks and Trucks when using the M2 Ai
  4. [auto-aim] general guide - posted in Player Guides and Information: I posted this in a separate thread but it maybe helpful to new players clarifying on auto-aim. Auto-aim for blitz mobile is a lot different than on blitz pc, here are basically the summaries of both. HOW TO USE AUTO-AIM: We consider the situation when a duel with the enemy behind the cover is taking place

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  1. g circle to shrink to roughly a third of its size. Meaning, the lower the value the faster ai
  2. imal visual change, but has.
  3. g circle size with Improved Ai
  4. WARPACK. Warpack is the newest build of paid cheat mods from Russian developers cheats for WoT, which for more than 3 years pleases its users, is constantly updated and supplemented with new, rare cheat modifications. With help from the great functionality of those mods You can shoot with automatic pre-emption as tanks and artillerie, shoot the.

Tanks Top Speed . Damage Log . Minimap Hp circle Minimap Hp circle . Kill Cross Informer Arty Minimap Sights . Daily Battle Log Auto Aim Informer Rating Colors . Change Colors in REBIRTH . Border Color . Tank Outline Can Change 28 Colors in REBIRTH. Battle Wn8 Efficiency Player Panel. 6th sense 10 sec Count Down . Team 6th Sense. In them, he compares the Gun Laying Drive with Stabilizer and Ventilation and decides, what is more effective. It's actually pretty interesting, here's thread one and thread two. - during all tank hull movement at various speeds and turret movement: VSTAB helps reduce the aiming circle by 20%, GLD helps absolutely ZERO The T95/Chieftain has been in the game files for a long time but it was only ever released as Premium Tier X vehicle in the Chinese server. Today the T95/FV4201 Chieftain enters Supertest, with small characteristics changes when compared with the original vehicle: T95/Chieftain. With a brand new Chieftain turret, in fact, the first version of. World of Tanks Blitz - A new game for Android and IOS - 86,061 views WoTB Sfx Mod Pack v2.7.0.0 - 82,136 views Ky4ik Contour Icon Mod v2 for 7.1 - 70,933 view World of Tanks has a simple premise: take a shooter and replace the people with massive, lumbering tanks. This is most evident in the way tanks aim, which is displayed by a circle that widens.

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  1. World of Tanks Blitz is the hottest multiplayer tank game for mobile devices. Read our World of Tanks Blitz beginners tips to conquer the competition! If you recently added this pulsating tank blast em' up to your Android or iOS mobile device, it's essential
  2. g Circle. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools
  3. i-map and your tank's status box are all part of the HUD. The following components are key parts of the HUD: Ai
  4. This post is edited after having played the Strv 74. There are thirteen tier VI medium tanks in WOT (patch 9.17): A-43 T-34-85 VK 30.01 (D) VK 30.01 (P) VK 30.02 (M) M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo M4A3E8 Sherman Cromwell Sherman Fierfly Cz08 T 25 Type 58 Type 4 Chi-To Strv 74 A lot of these tank
  5. Welcome to MadWoTBMods! This is Maddox's Modding Site (Although I am not the only one to be maintaining this site, you will be able to find the Mods and News about it in this site!) All Mods in this site are supposed to be compatible with all devices that can run WoTB. We balance mo

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  1. World of Tanks VR is a multiplayer tank battle game in Virtual Reality, based on the massively successful World of Tanks PC game. Drive, aim and shoot using light LTTB (fast but fragile), medium T-44 (well-balanced for a lot of action), or heavy IS-3 tank (well-armored but slow)
  2. Tanks Top Speed Damage Log Minimap Hp circle Kill Cross Informer Arty Minimap Sights Daily Battle Log Auto Aim Informer Rating Colors Change Colors in REBIRTH Border Color Tank Outline Can Change 28 Colors in REBIRTH Battle Wn8 Efficiency Player Panel. 6th sense 10 sec Count Down Team 6th Sense Must turn on XMQ
  3. A tank's turret is a heavily armored, dome-like structure on a tank connecting the gun to the hull. The turret rotates independently of the tank's hull, allowing the gun to be traversed from left to right; usually but not always, through a full 360. The turret also permits the main gun to swivel vertically and elevate or depress its aim. Rotating the turret or elevating the gun while keeping.
  4. g. Its white, and only changes color when to red and green when your gun is loading. the rest of the 99% of the time its fucking white, and nobody can change the color of it
  5. Aim Count Armor Thickness Indicator Green Pen Yellow Might Pen Red No Pen . 11 Alt ScoreBoards. 1 Tank Battles 2 Win % Name 3 Tank Nation Flag 4 Hull Armor 5 Alt HP OTM Draw Direction Arrow Must turn on XMQP Tanks Top Speed Damage Log Minimap Hp circle Kill Cross Informer Arty Minimap Sights Daily Battle Lo

Circon - By any memes necessary - 30-07-202 Gun laying is the process of aiming an artillery piece or turret, such as a gun, howitzer, or mortar, on land, in air, or at sea, against surface or aerial targets.It may be laying for direct fire, where the gun is aimed similarly to a rifle, or indirect fire, where firing data is calculated and applied to the sights.The term includes automated aiming using, for example, radar-derived target. Drive behind slow tank destoyers and heavy tanks and keep circling around them to avoid being hit while making easy shots into the back of the enemy. Good traverse speed and acceleration is required. Hide in the bush, spot the enemy without being seen. Take a shot and start running. Fast Hawg's ColorBlind Paint Ball Damage [] April 21, 2020. April 21, 2020. - Leave a Comment. Download mod. ModPacks / Sight (Crosshair) / Stats The hull's job is to transport the top portion of the tank, the turret, from place to place. The turret is an armored structure supporting one or more guns -- typically a heavy cannon and a couple of machine guns. The M-1 tank has two main parts:a pivoting gun turret and a tracked hull. The turret sits in a wide circle at the center of the hull

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As with most battle-themed games, the use of tactics (a.k.a. strategies) is a crucial part of World of Tanks Blitz gameplay. There are many different tactics that players employ to turn the tides in their favor, but not all work for every player and/or tank. 1 Core Tactics 1.1 Peek-A-Boo 1.2.. World Of Tanks Season 2 Starts Tomorrow. Season 2 launches alongside update 1.9.1, adding a new Berlin map and cosmetics detailed in the full patch notes. Oscillating aiming circle in the 16x.

Indirect fire is aiming and firing a projectile without relying on a direct line of sight between the gun and its target, as in the case of direct fire.Aiming is performed by calculating azimuth and inclination, and may include correcting aim by observing the fall of shot and calculating new angles The aiming circle cover is a metal cover that protects and houses the aiming circle when not in use. It attaches to the baseplate of the aiming circle and can be carried by means of its strap For other variants, see Vickers/M2 Family. The M2 Light (official name Light Tank, M2) is a Tier I light tank in the USA tech tree. It is the first tank in the USA tree. 1 Description 1.1 Pros 1.2 Cons 2 Strategy 2.1 As M2 Light 2.2 Against M2 Light 3 Specifications 3.1 General 3.2 Modules 4 Ammo 4.1 With Hispano-Suiza Birkigt Gun 4.2 With M5 5 History 6 Historical Accuracy 7 Trivia 8 Gallery. AP. James Reinl. Jul 29, 2021. Myanmar's military is attacking healthcare workers and weaponising Covid-19 against civilians as it tightens its grip on power six months after the February 1 coup, an opposition figure said on Thursday. Susanna Hla Hla Soe, a minister in Myanmar's shadow National Unity Government (NUG), said the. Your aim time is long You are an easy spot. You are spotted the moment you fire even though you miss. You are still very vulnerable to arty. You meet tanks that are 2 tier higher most of the time. If i just had 1 hit with one of those Derp tanks, I would be fun for me even thought we lost the battle. Especially on a tank, 2 tier higher than mine

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The big circle shows the extent to which you can move the mouse, which equates to where you'd move a joystick. You could choose Realistic Controls then set the mouse usage option to Relative, which gives you mouse behaviour that's a bit kinder than mouse joystick but still not mouse aim, plus there's no circles at all One of the original developments, which will interest for users World of Tanks game, is a white version of the CircleCross sight for World of Tanks 0.9.22 WOT. In this modification, the developers decided to upgrade the standard version. The original solution for selecting the color range of the aiming lines is white Addition White circle in place of falling into the enemy tanks without being detected for World of tanks WOT helps you to conduct effective fire at the enemy machines who are hiding in various bushes, trees, or suddenly disappear from sight, or just have a high level of concealment. Mod puts a white circle on the shot at the enemy tanks without being detected On the ground near your tank will always be inscribed circle with a diameter of 15 meters. Now you can free to strike at the enemy from behind the bushes without fear of being overexposed. In addition, by using the F9 key, you can quickly turn on and off mod if necessary. Copy the folder scripts and objects in the WOT / res_mods / 0.9.17 / Mod Extended Auto-Aim marker for World of Tanks was created to solve this problem. It allows you to inform you about the active auto-aim in several modes. Of course, the captured tank will be surrounded by a constant contour, but in addition a translucent field will appear around it, and if the captured target disappears from.

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Aiming is an integral part of playing any FPS, and whether you are a professional FPS player or a casual gamer just starting out, it is vitally important to keep improving it to stay ahead of the competition. However, in normal game scenarios, it is hard to focus on simply getting better at aiming, because there is always something else going. shows the direction of enemy cannons on the minimap and direction to newly spotted vehicles on the aim circle - wotmods/MinimapTankvie WOT version is broken by this mod. When you damage an enemy tank their health bar or HP do not reflect the damage done. Also the icons on dead tanks stay bright red as if they are still alive. The entire damage mechanics of the game are broken by this mod. (I installed this mod only on a clean install of WOT version Ok, I am an old school artillery expert for the US Army. I got out of artillery for a while, and when I came back to artillery it was as an observer, not a gun bunny. All these answers address the big picture of how the artillery works, but not ho.. Official World of Tanks mod porta

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Distance from railroad tracks and tanks/trucks when using aiming circle? 75 m 8 Distance from vehicles when using aiming circle? 50 m 9 Distance from barbed wire when using aiming circle? 30 m 10 Distance from mortars/telegraph wire when using aiming circle? 25 m 11 What is the dec constant for Ft Bragg Download Aslain's WoT Modpack for the game World of Tanks on the official website of WoT. Get an advantage over the enemy in battle *ATP 3-09.50 THE FIELD ARTILLERY CANNON BATTERY MAY 2016. DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. * This publication supersedes ATP 3-09.50/MCWP 3-1.6.23, dated 07 July 2015

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The House of da Vinci By: Blue Brain Games This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS, Android and PC puzzle adventure game, The House of da Vinci, by Blue Brain Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. Walkthrough: Chapters 1 2 [ The M2A2 Aiming Circle is the primary means of orienting the cannon battery or laying weapons on the azimuth of fire. M4A1 Range Fire Control Quadrant The M4A1 Range Fire Control Quadrant is a manually-operated instrument used for laying howitzers and cannons in elevation for indirect fire

ModList based on Update 22 [12/6/17] List of mods can always change, download latest ModPack to see latest list In theory, World of Tanks is defined by the gameplay and vehicles at the maximum tier of X. There's little debate that this is the most challenging tier to play at, and any WoT player who would like to claim some genuine skill at the game can't really do so without proficiency at tier X Check out our World of Tanks PS4 review to see what we think of free-to-play tank combat. and waiting long enough for the dispersion circle to narrow. If your aiming reticle is red, then you. World of Tanks update 1.10 patch notes have arrived, read them here. Tuffcub 04/08/20 Comments Closed. This month is the tenth anniversary of World of Tanks and to celebrate the developers have. Aiming in Bombers on in Battlefield V the default camera perspective is doable but difficult. Instead, when you are approaching your desired target, you're going to want to switch to a camera.

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The F-15 is capable of carrying 4 different types of weapons. the AIM-120, the AIM-7, the AIM-9 and the M61 Vulcan. The AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile is the most modern, most advanced, most important weapon found on the F-15. Its most important attribute is that it carries a so called active radar Main Battle Tank (MBT) The T-90SK tank is designed to provide command and control over subordinate units, facilitate communications with superior commanders, and conduct operations as part of units and subunits. This command tank is a derivative of the T-90S tank and is distinguished by an R-168-100KBE HF radio set, TNA-4-3 tank navigation. World Of Tanks Blitz manages to pull off the difficult task of capturing the essence of its much-loved PC counterpart, allowing you to get into some pretty tense tank battles with players from ar.. Summary: World of Tanks on Xbox One features hundreds of tanks recreated in realistic detail, presented in high-definition. The title also features a number of firsts, including cross-platform gameplay-bridging battles between Xbox 360 and Xbox One players, shared progress and content between the two World of Tanks on Xbox One features hundreds of tanks recreated in realistic detail, presented.

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Civic Circle organizes events such as debates (CITIZEN CAFÉS) concerts (MONUMENTS EN MUSIQUE) and think tanks (RDF policy) with various important and meaningful topics, aimed to resuscitate the motivation of the Lebanese, provide them with accurate information, make them aware of their rights and duties and therefore of their responsibility as Citizens WoT is an excellent game and is kind of like a thinking man's first-person shooter. With tanks! he literally can't aim. Once he has finished aiming (or thinks he has), he fires, and after a. Description. The Hs 129 B-3 is a rank II German strike aircraft with a battle rating of 2.3 (AB) and 3.0 (RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.37.. The Hs 129 is a pure ground attack aircraft, designed mostly to take out tanks and armoured vehicles. The anti-tank gun PaK 40 is capable of knocking out medium tanks, while the 7.92 mm LMGs can destroy armoured cars and mobile AAAs Women's Light Support Multistrap Longline Bra - All in Motion™. All in Motion. Extended sizes offered. $7.20 - $16.00. Select items on clearance. +16 options World of Tanks - Best Replays. the Brazilian flag has its meaning: green symbolizes the forests, yellow is for natural resources (gold), and the blue circle with constellations represents the sky on the day when Brazil declared itself a republic. 55 / - 16 km / h 65 / -23 km / h Gun: 100 mm SA 47-58 Accuracy at 100 m: 0,36 0,35 Aiming.