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Dating Site For Mature Singles Over 60 Only. High Success Rate. Join Free Now Low Prices on Friendship Poem. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order Life is full of ups and downs Life is full of ups and downs And sometimes you feel so restless Your best friend is there to cam you down Your best friend understands you so well You do not feel like giving up in dwell Your friend favors you and supports you Lifts your spirit up when you are out Thanks for a friend who made a difference Thanks to a friend who means to much to me My best friend.

Poem on building relationships, and the ups and downs and constant work that is needed to maintain a loving relationship. Poem About The Ups And Downs Of Relationships. Friendship Poems (495) Funny Poems (148) Holiday & Birthday (447) Life Poems (802 I wrote this poem about my best friends, Jazz and Alexis. I can truly say they are amazing. You are my best friend; you belong in my heart. We go through ups and downs, but still nothing can tear us apart. I know you as a sister, and I will always care. Love, respect, and trust are the things we share

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I know we've had our ups and downs. by ღ*KiM*ღ Dec 23, 2005 category : Friendship, family / best friends. I know weve had our ups and downs. But youve always helped me through. Whenever ive needed a hand to hold. The first person there has been you. When I think of all the friends ive had We go through ups and downs, but still nothing can tear us apart. I know you as a sister, and I will always care. Love, respect, and trust are the things we share. I know you as a person; I especially know you as a friend. Our friendship is something that will never end. Right now, this second, this minute, this day This is one of the best poems to demonstrate the ups and downs of friendship, and how saying goodbye doesn't mean a best friend is forgotten. Best friends may know everything about each other and know exactly what to say to make the other laugh in the face of a challenge One comment on Ups and Downs of Friendship Katie Ivins November 22, 2016 at 9:33 am. I think I have a good impact on my friends because they are always there for me when I need them. I also think I have a very good friendship with them because they know when I'm down and when i'm supper happy One comment on Poems about Friendship Robert Frost June 29, 2019 at 6:49 am. Nice collection. Wish you identified the poets for each poem. Also, a heads-up. You repeated the opening sentence

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A friend whose heart has eyes to see. The stars shine out o'er the darkening lea, And the quiet rest at the end o' the day,—. A friend who knows, and dares to say, The brave, sweet words that cheer the way. Where he walks a mile with me. With such a comrade, such a friend, I fain would walk till journeys end Quotes tagged as ups-and-downs Showing 1-30 of 30. sucks. One minute you're. full of gravel.. Business life is just like human life. There are happy times and then there are bad times.. There would be no cloud-nine days without rock-bottom moments left below. Satya Nadella. Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It's a journey of discovery - there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair. Rick Warren. There are ups and downs, but whatever happens, you have to trust and believe in yourself. Luka Modric

Drake Bell on the Ups and Downs of his friendship with Josh Peck | Billboard Live Our friendship has ups and downs, but what matters is that you are always there [Quotes and Poems] Frases e Poemas - Quotes and Poems. 1:35. How to Replace Push-Ups & Pull-Ups With Bench & Lat Pull-Downs in P90X _ Fitness & Exercise Tips. Ki bong. 0:39. Les. Mrslilboo - I like the structure of this poem I like the way that it looks like that aesthetic look I really like in case you didn't notice my poems really all the same length like I did I like my poems pocket e foxy all the lines to be the same I'm weird but the point is that's what got me to read that poem when I first saw it and I read the words and I thought they were fabulous and profoun Friendship Over Time..... Poem by Lara Chrisphonte. Read Lara Chrisphonte poem:This note is dedicated to all of you my friends but especially to the following ones: Genie, Inyang, Dodo, Jojo, Sandra, Dianne, Jean, Orly, Melissa, Sara, Steph, Sarah The poems on this list take the reader through the ups and downs of motherhood, as well as the experiences children have with their loving, and sometimes troubled, mothers. Motherhood is something that everyone can relate to, be it with their own mother, or by raising a child as a mother This poem has truly touched me and given me inspiration. I am at a crossroads in life and am decided to take a road less traveled. Some of my family and friends think I am crazy but I know better. I followed the more traveled path the first 20 years of life,suffered and came up empty

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Love Poems Sad Poems Friendship Poems Poems on Life Poetry Buffet. Poems Poets How To News Search Submit. Famous Poems Poetry Greeting Cards. About the Poem. T he Ups and Downs of Life just like the sea. A Few Visitor Comments. Lisa. The poem fits perfectly. I write short stories on love, and this poem is so perfect. It says it all This collection of intimate poetry explores the ups and downs of friendship in a way that made me think back through my own life, my own friendships, to see and feel the value and lessons in each one. Ophelia does a wonderful job of painting pictures with her words, bringing to life the emotions she is feeling, and walking the reader through. We've had our ups and downs. We've had our ups and downs, this we both know; Through thick and thin our love still managed to grow; Inspite of different thoughts about so many things; Our undying love for each other grew even more. Happy wedding anniversary, my love ~ We have been friends together, in sunshine and in shade: metaphor meaning, their friendship has been through their ups and downs. ~ A cloud is on thy brow: personification meaning, a brow cannot really have a cloud on it & the cloud represents a hard time, inferring that it is a dark cloud 1.02 - Poetry Selected Poem Title: This Was Once a Love Poem Characteristic Your Answer (use text evidence if necessary) Initial Response: 1. What does this poem seem to be about? 1. The poem seems to be about the ups and downs of love and how love can take a toll on a person in a way. Words: 1. Were the words in this poem difficult or easy to understand? 2

Recently, however, I've read a fair few articles from people voicing their reactions against these social sites. In The Sunday Telegraph today there's an article concerning the perils of social networking, with the Archbishop of England and Wales claiming that sites such as Facebook promote transient relationships - the breakdown of which can cause trauma in a young person's life The ups and downs of friendship. Mister Rogers talks about friendship. He helps his young viewers understand that even though friendships don't always run smoothly they're an important and healthy part of life. Mister Rogers visits a shoe store to buy a pair of shoes. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday, Ana, and Lady Elaine. This poem is a simple sonnet about the ups and downs of friendship. It talks about how friends will come and go but your closet friends will stay with you. the main theme of this poem isn't necessarily about childhood or growing up but it does talk about friendships made in youth The friendships in my youth, like blooms of spring, made life so.

Ups And Downs. my life had more downs than ups. I think the reverse may well apply. There have been more up than downs. which has to be an up. which has to be another up. I have friends from every four corners of the world. There is no denying that is an up. I really couldn't think of any Friendship Poems - The Gift Of Friends by Karin Schaefer. Life hands us many different things, good and bad. Dec. 3, 2005 I think this is such a beautiful poem and it certain encompasses the many ups and downs in a lifetime but does it in a very special way. Lindsay. I really enjoyed this poem, and felt I could relate to it Friends share the ups and downs of life and a birthday is a time of celebration no matter what the age! Short Poems / Special Occasion / Birthday Poems / Birthday Poem For Friend Aging Advice Poet: Julie Hebert, ©2011 Happy Birthday to my dear friend, I wish you a happy and great day 20 Poems About Friendship For Kids. Together through the ups and downs that come A friend makes us realize That two are better than one! —Anonymous. 16. The Best of Friends. The best of friends, Can change a frown, Into a smile, when you feel down. The best of friends, Will understand

poem perfect, this a very good poem about friendship. If I may make a suggestion it would be to change the format. This looks like a paragraph. If I were to write this poem it would look like this. Friendship Friendship is full, Of ups and downs. It's full of smiles, But also frowns. How do you know whether, You're still friends or not. Did you. From award-winning poet and poetry slam artist Danez Smith comes a microcosm of friendship. The poem acknowledgments is made up of all the tiny moments in a friendship that build a full picture. Throughout the poem, Smith recounts brief but detailed memories to describe the nature of the friendship and its importance in the speaker's life Life Is Like A Roller Coaster A Free Verse Poem By Alex Schachter Life is like a roller coaster It has some ups and downs Sometimes you can take it slow Or very fast It may be hard to breathe at.

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  1. Poem - 27 March 2021, 05:49. Friendship. Nathalie R. Instagram: 365simplethoughts. Anything in the name of love is a blessing. Like 3 Pin it 2. Views: 115. Life knows ups and downs. Just like the waves in the sea. Some are easy... Total votes: 2. 96. 1. Poem - 28 Mar 2021. Nathalie R. Healing
  2. in the friendship that we share. We care enough to listen, to trust and understand. To build a life together, side by side and hand in hand. We both know that we're lucky and we've got a good thing going. Through ups and downs and give and take, our love just keeps on growing... 'Cause I bring out the best in you, and you the best in me
  3. More 'listener' driven poetry. I wonder if Kate will ever get to hear these again? Ups and Downs . Girl, we've had our ups and downs. But love was something warm. We always found. Through the darkest night. A star shines bright. For us to hang our dreams on. And love was our guiding light. Girl, don't go. I can't go on alone
  4. In true friendship, your friend will always cheer you and be a vehement supporter. Through the various emotional ups and downs, friendship sometimes takes a toll but if the feelings are genuine it bounces back eventually. The following quotes express the words written above concisely

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With ups and downs and all. And all you have to do to win, I love this poem it is really up lifting. I am not married, just studying at college. My day to day is a nightmare. I have joined a recovery group and leaned on friends and priesthood leaders but I still manage to let down everybody Jul 3, 2021 - Explore Jennifer's board Friendship theme on Pinterest. See more ideas about friendship theme, friendship activities, preschool friendship Life will have its ups and downs But keep smiling, do not frown. Find the good in every thing If you do that, happiness it will bring. Always remember no matter what I love you with no buts! Cute Short Love Poems A Special Mom Poet: Julie Hebert You are a special mother, This I truly know. I could not ask for better, Mom, I love you so

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  1. Gene's jealousy of Finny's athletic capabilities, Finny's unenviable thoughts and actions, and Brinker's suspicions that Gene's envy catalyzed Finny's accident were all contributing factors to the ups and downs in Gene's and Finny's relationship. Detesting a friend for his/her successes can rupture even the strongest relationships
  2. Friendship is held to be the severest test of character. Charles Eastman. It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter. Marlene Dietrich. The best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake. Aristotle. A quarrel between friends, when made up, adds a new tie to friendship. Saint Francis de Sale
  3. To ride life's ups and downs with you. Starting a business with a friend follows the same principle. The trustworthiness and already-established relationship with those you're close to is the.
  4. A list of poems from the Friendship genre. , A hold on the heart Forever they entwine. Cross our paths We build a road, Sharing our ups and downs Together we... 220 views. Rate it. An Artist I promised myself to get down some day And see the way you lived, but 215 views. Rate it

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  1. Next, invite them to spread the kindness by using a put-up paper to write put-ups to friends and loved ones. Once you have the concept of put-ups and put-downs, you enjoy our kindness poetry puzzle! Poetry is a wonderful way to explore a variety of different abstract concepts such as, kindness. In the lesson below, children will use the example.
  2. Split into seven chapters with numbered title cards and punctuated by musical interludes, the film charts the ups and downs of their friendship following the opening admission of betrayal
  3. g for first place. This was the Olympics and four years in the making. Little did I know it would be a Gold Medal she'd be taking. So many ups and downs for Beth to reach this day
  4. By Henry David Thoreau. I'm thankful that my life doth not deceive. Itself with a low loftiness, half height, And think it soars when still it dip its way. Beneath the clouds on noiseless pinion. Like the crow or owl, but it doth know. The full extent of all its trivialness, Compared with the splendid heights above
  5. Welcome to Quotes 'nd Notes. It's all about life: the ups and downs of life, the strengths and weakness of life, the joys and sorrows of life, the silly mistakes and serious consequences, first love and last heart break, the relationships and struggles. In a nut shell Quotes 'nd Notes is a realistic and non judgmental presentation of our life
  6. Parkland students pour their feelings into poetry. Alex Schachter loved roller coasters so much that he penned a poem about how their ups and downs reflected the turbulent nature of life.
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Small Poem on Friendship Day by one of the student. The Samhita Academy. 12 hrs · If you are looking for the best short poems about life, free poems to share with your friends on Facebook or some great poem examples that suit your way of life, you are in the right place at the right time. Life has many ups and downs, Loving smiles and also frowns. Good events and some are bad, Happy emotions, others mad. It can be a. We are family we are all sharing the same light the sun sharing the same water wind breath we are family sharing a home all walking. William Anthony (Tony) Husband (1950) is a British cartoonist known for black humour. His cartoons appear on greeting cards, and he has a regular cartoon strip in Private Eye entitled Yobs that has been published since the late 1980s

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Confused Quotes About The Ups and Downs of Life While many things are uncertain in life, one sure thing is you can expect to be confused a lot of the time. Each of us gets confused by different things, but some of them we have in common You are up and you are happy. You are down and you are sad. All ups and downs help you to find a balance in your being. This is what life is all about. Once balanced, no more ups and downs, but bliss and joy and silence and gratitude. —Tishan Yesterday is the past. Tomorrow is the future You might break down. I don't want to make it clear. The tale is hard to hear . These two friends fell apart. And it's hard to bear. Theres none to give a back. Like a wrecked ship in wave. Like the buds which doesn't blossom, Plucked like a percussion clave. Friends are here for benefits. Full with selfish and demerits

She determined right then to finally understand friendship: how to create one, sustain it, and experience the sheer joy of having it. But it wasn't easy. Since then, she has traveled the ups and downs of friendship, learning about herself, others, and the kinds of friendship God designed Friends are one of the few people in your lives with whom you can freely be yourself. And if you've got friends who care about you, who support you and talk to you, you really are fortunate. Your friends are some of the few special individuals who can read your mind. They are the ones who try their utmost to cheer you up when you're feeling. The latest Poetreon poem, Mary Oliver's Wild Geese, has dropped on my Patreon page TODAY. This is one of Mary Oliver's most famous poems, and now that I know it somewhat intimately, I feel like it is one of those that I'll carry with me as an essential companion through the ups and downs of life 35 best broken friendship quotes with images about losing friends and moving on. 35 best broken friendship quotes with images about losing friends and moving on Friends are like your life gifts and you must have to care about them. Lost broken friendship that make you cry,Here is a collection of broken friendship. 3

Recovery Poems. There was a time in my life when I took the wrong turns. These poems can possibly save someones life. As they did mine. Most families have dealt with addiction. It's the recovery that matters. Natalie Diaz Poem SoCS: Ups, Downs, and Fancy Sneakers. Our Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is: up/down.. Use one, use them both, but try to put one in your first sentence. Bonus points if you use the other in your last sentence. Have fun! Life is full of ups and downs. Mountains and ravines

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The relationship between a parent and a daughter is very unique and even though this relationship will have its ups and downs as your daughter grows into adulthood the bond between you will stand strong. Poems about daughters may describe the angelic feelings towards a newborn daughter or describe the turmoil of the teenage years UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Poetry Short Poems Chapter 10 The Song of the Free, The students can refer to these answers to prepare for the examinations.The solutions provided in the Free PDF download of UP Board Solutions for Class 12 are beneficial in enhancing conceptual knowledge

HOME = a place to define and redefine reality a sacred place of respect and honor a place to call HOMENoelle's poem Home is inscribed by the artist on this wheel thrown platter.Easy to hang or use to serve up some tasty.. Welcome to my stop on the excerpt tour for Addiction to Poetry by Trevor Muir.This tour was organized by Goddess Fish Promotions.On my stop, I have an exclusive excerpt from the book as well as the tour wide giveaway for a chance to win a $15 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card Zach Selph Writing in the Creative Arts January 29, 2020 Line Break Poem Line Break Poem To me our generation has had its ups and downs. Personally, I believe that our generation is the last that will have an actual childhood. A childhood of big dreams, mysterious wonder, and the innovation of finding something new to do. Growing up for me was all about friends, being outside, having dreams of.

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Always learn to accept ups and downs of life, because it clearly does offer. - Vikrant Parsai Rate it: D'you call life a bad job Never We've had our ups and downs , we've had our struggles, we've always been poor, but it's been worth it, ay, worth it a hundred times I say when I look round at my children Fahrenheit 451 is a 1953 dystopian novel by American writer Ray Bradbury.Often regarded as one of his best works, the novel presents a future American society where books are outlawed and firemen burn any that are found. The book's tagline explains the title as 'the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns: the autoignition temperature of paper

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In the informational text Two Famous Friends, Jean K. Potratz discusses the rocky friendship between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Pair We Have Been Friends Together with Two Famous Friends to explore how friendships can have their ups and downs. How do the two friends in the poem compare to Thomas Jefferson and John Adams Someone explain to me. Please. How can you can I am your best friend but sit there and break the first rule of friendship: communicate. How can someone sit there and drop the person who was there for them through the ups and the downs? Oh yeah, but somehow I am the bad friend. I keep my guard up now. I smile when inside I cry. I am too open Friendship Poem every day. We want children to be able to manage the ups and downs of friendships. We will when you feel down. The best of friends, Will understand, Your little trials, And lend a hand. The best of friends, Will always share, Your secret dreams, Because they care Maybe Creeley meant to make the shape of his poem that way to further illustrate how friendships takes work and endurance through the ups and downs to get to the straighter parts of the path (walk). posted by brianne fong at 8:07 P Write a poem dedicated to your best friend topic ups and downs of friendship - 13157828 jarean04 jarean04 1 hour ago English Senior High School answered Write a poem dedicated to your best friend topic ups and downs of friendship 1 See answer jarean04 is waiting for your help. Add your answer and earn points

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True friendship knows not bounds of time, Nor distance, it is true. The few real friends you have in life Are always dear to you. A true friend's one who's always there, Through all life's ups and downs. A true friend makes a moment spare To share your smiles and frowns. With real friends it matters not When last you spoke or cuddled Throughout the poem, the speaker explores his life as a seafarer and the significant ups and downs of the profession. He expresses the misery of the cold days at sea, the loneliness, and the fear of danger. While sailing, he describes how he often misses the sounds and company of his friends Every relation has ups and downs But, the relationship of friendship is purest of all Many things may stand with time But this bond will always stand so tall Friendship is the best thing happened to me It's the way my heart wants to feel I love you a lot my bestie, And would do that forever with time This is My commandment: that you love one another [just] as I have loved you. No one has greater love [no one has shown stronger affection] than to lay down (give up) his own life for his friends. You are My friends if you keep on doing the things which I command you to do. - John 15:12-1 Other friends you're more close to. You spend time whenever you can, and you've been through it all. You may have had a childhood with them and have experienced ups and downs, and yet they're still good friends of yours. The two of you can go for a long time without talking, but once you start talking again, it's like no time has passed

The nature of friendship has to do with the fact that unlike any other relationship friendship is voluntary. Also in any friendship, there is five basic expectations, (Wood 283). These expectations have to do with what a friend is and what happens between friends. They are the willingness to invest, emotional closeness, acceptance, trust. Next year brought with it ups and downs, Incidents that would make hearts cry, With friends motivation one would say-I believe I can fly. These four years have taught me so much, Giving me better reasons to live for, Showing me how life should be shared, And the beauty of every relation, if cared. It has taught me to stand up for my right 77. Lean on me when problems appear, you can depend on me, I am ever ready to lift you up when you are down in the dumps, that's what friendship says, and that's what you do for me. Love you, bestie. 78. True Friendship is the bond that will hold the world together, everyone deserves to have a good friend. Thanks for being there for me. 128. Every friendship goes through ups and downs. Dysfunctional patterns set in; external situations cause internal friction; you grow apart and then bounce back together. - Mariella Frostrup. 129. There are no rules for friendship. It must be left to itself. We cannot force it any more than love. - William Hazlitt. 130 Being a teen has it's ups and downs and it's pros and cons. There is nothing that will tear our friendship apart. He will always be and always has been my best friend from the start. So to finish up this poem I'm gonna say that you're the best

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The Ultimate Pros And Cons Of Being Friends With Benefits By Holly Riordan Updated May 23, 2019. Elia Fernandes. By Holly Riordan Updated May 23, They are allowed to hook up with other people. A Creepy Poetry Collection 29. I hope and pray that you will not be broken and lose hope with the ups and downs of life. Keep your chin up and cheer up, friend. 30. Sometimes, you don't need to know how it's going to work out, you just need to believe that it will work out for your good. Cheer up, buddy you may have your ups and downs. but in the end they are your friend. you can talk to your friends even if they live in the west. and you can figure out where they hid the old pirate chest57. This is my poem. it is my choice. i would sing it with my voice. but i dont have a option Poems about sisterly relationships curiously combine the themes of love, friendship, rivalry, anger, and coming to terms with oneself (those that usually pertain to separate genres of poetry) in most natural ways, weaving a fine fabric permeated with warmth and affection that exceed even the closest relationship with a boyfirend

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50 Through UPS and Downs Relationship Quotes. There would be no cloud-nine days without rock-bottom moments left below.. ― Richelle E. Goodrich. Let it rain on some days, Let yourself shiver on some cold nights, So when it's Spring you'll know why it was all worth going through.. ― Sanhita Baruah through ups and downs. Suffered with me, through my smiles and frowns. Because you have been such a dedicated friend. I wanted to know, you have my thanks, And my friendship, till the end. 7. You Always Know What To Do and Say You always know what to do and say. To touch my heart and make my day. You always know the perfect gift Through Thick and Thin keychain, friendship, best friend gift, tribe, birthday present, ups and downs, sisters, bridesmaid, bff, near or far YOUniqueSoul 5 out of 5 stars (776 We should not worry about the past and the future. The way of life will not be smooth. There will be ups and downs. We must embrace the present with happiness. We should face all with a smile. It seeks new friendship, adventure and experiences. We should have faith in our hearts. Be bold and you will lead a happy life You share with them your ups and downs. Friends are the ones who turn frowns upside down. They make you smile, and they hang with you. If you didn't have a friend what would you do? You hope to never see the day, when your best friend just goes away. For what reason? The worst of all. You caught her with some new girl at the mall

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Life is Like a Rollercoaster. This is a poem Alex wrote shortly before he was killed in a mass shooting at his school. Life Is Like A Roller Coaster. A Free Verse Poem By Alex Schachter. Life is like a roller coaster. It has some ups and downs 4. So let the way wind up the hill or down, O'er rough or smooth, the journey will be joy: Still seeking what I sought when but a boy, New friendship, high adventure, and a crown, a. How is the way of life? The way of life is full of twists, turns,and ups and downs. It is sometimes rough and sometimes smooth. b. How should be the journey of life The heartfelt Amir Khusro poetry is the verses of reality wherein sole hearts might find the best companion of relief here. Most from love and then to life, his works show off his ups and downs in life. Read More: 30 Waseem Barelvi Shayari And Poetry On Love, Life And Friendship; 30 Sahir Ludhianvi Shayaris and Poetry in Urdu On Love and Lif Synopsis: Friends come in all shapes and sizes and friendship can have both ups and downs. This collection of poems explores many different aspects of being and having friends. Suggested Reading Date: Start of the Year, April - National Poetry Month, Activity Descriptions: • Share poems as discussions about friendship, either targeted for. Well nephew let me tell you a few things about my life , it has not been a perfect straight road. With all the sharp turn ups and downs and all the Bumps. Lonely part of life when you feel not wanted by anyone, ( hell they don't give a shit ) yet I keep on going, threw day's and night's. excepting every car that life has thrown my way. please always remember one thing you are great you.