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  1. Hi all--I had a Lopi Answer wood-burning fireplace insert installed this week. I had to get the 10 surround panel kit to completely cover the fireplace opening above the insert, but the panels extend farther to the sides than I'd like (covering up more of the brick hearth than I'd like), and I'm considering having them cut down to better match the fireplace opening that they cover
  2. Chisel the mortar around the bricks to remove them individually. Start on the top layer of bricks and work your way down toward the base of your chimney. Place the blade of the chisel on the mortar between the bricks and tap the end of the handle with a hammer. Continue hitting the chisel until you remove as much mortar as you can
  3. In removing the insert, I was actually setting out to paint the heck out of the gold, even bought two cans of high-heat black matte spray paint with the intention of making due with the fireplace cover that we have until we're ready to make a more permanent upgrade. It wasn't until I had it off, that I realized that the new, fully revealed.
  4. Carefully remove the filler and clean the screw slots, and undo the screws. Lift the surround away and remove the battens from the wall. Remove any inner tiled surround, it is usually fairly light and can be moved by one person. A brick or stone fire surround
  5. It's easy to remove the faceplate from a Pacific energy Older Super Series Wood Burning Fireplace Insert, when you know how. But it is much different than ot..

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  1. If your fireplace is wood-burning, it should only have a connection to the flue at the top of the unit. The flue is likely held in place by some screws holding the flange. Removing the screws will..
  2. Materials Needed: A screwdriver and/or drill to remove these screws and take out the frame The black metal face surrounding the fireplace opening is usually riveted to the the fireplace unit and cannot be removed. The doors and frame are the only thing you can remove safely from the unit without causing any damage. Steps to Remove the Door & Fram
  3. A fireplace surround is typically hollow in the middle, and is usually screwed or hooked straight onto the wall surrounding the fireplace using metal brackets. I've shown below what our fireplace looked like before and after removing the fireplace surround and insert, as well as what a fireplace surround looks like from behind when it has.
  4. A wood-burning fireplace insert must be removed when your fireplace and chimney enclosure need cleaning. It's easier than removing a gas insert because it's not necessary to remove or disconnect gas lines. Most wood-burning fireplace inserts are heavy and are secured to the enclosure with screws or bolts
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Fireplace Front - Fireplace front used for a fireplace insert (also called a face or faceplate in this case) overlays all but the viewing area of the fireplace insert. Unlike prefabricated or masonry fireplaces, fireplace inserts typically come with a surround as a standard addition to the insert front because it serves both functional and. Attempting to remove wood fireplace insert. I hope I'm asking in the right place! We are trying to remove our old wood burning fireplace from our prefab built cove/wall. We're finally going to install a gas one. I am definitely having trouble as to what to do to remove this thing though. I was kind of expecting it to easily detach from the. Remove Cast Iron Fireplace Insert. October 10, 2019; By admin Filed Under Fireplace; No Comments Nostalgiecat how to cast iron fireplace insert metal remove a surround and mantel universe the beginning of makeover removing woodstove young house love install diynot forums direct fireplaces old 1 you restoring period ultimate guide by guru re fit tiles hearth victorian uk original reproduction. Remove the existing fire surround molding. You will then need to know the metal lugs used to secure the frame to the fireplace hood. And remove the attachment screws. If the screws are rusty in place, you can soak them in penetrating oil Removing Electric or Gas Fireplace Insert This is one of the easiest types to remove at an average between $600 and $2,500. You may be able to do this yourself, or hire an electrician. Pulling the insert out, however, is only one part of the job

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Apr 23, 2016 - Out with the old, in with a whole new, clean and modern flagstone fireplace. Learn how to remove an old brass fireplace surround with these DIY tips Here are Images about How To Remove A Wood Burning Fireplace Insert How To Remove A Wood Burning Fireplace Insert A Guide to Convert a Gas Fireplace to an Electric InsertPortableFireplace.com . Gas fireplaces, are actually inserted inside a current fireplace, and this's the way it is changed into a gas fireplace insert

Great job, guys! I recently removed a fireplace insert in our living room. It was one of those 80's style brass jobbies. I was surprised by 1) how easy it was and 2)how none of the soot came up easily, even after trying several methods of cleaning. My fireplace is also brick and is just as-is for the moment Older homes that have a fireplace may have a brick facade that was added at a later date. These old fireplaces can be difficult to update and may no longer fit the style of the home. One option you have when remodeling a fireplace is to cut and remove the brick fireplace surround and then reface the wall Attempting to remove wood fireplace insert. I hope I'm asking in the right place! We are trying to remove our old wood burning fireplace from our prefab built cove/wall. We're finally going to install a gas one. I am definitely having trouble as to what to do to remove this thing though. I was kind of expecting it to easily detach from the.

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Replacing a hearth and surround—either with seamless tone slabs or with ceramic or stone tiles—makes a big difference in the way a fireplace looks. On these pages, Dan McLaughlin, with help from carpenter Thad King, shows how to replace an old quarry-tile hearth and cover a brick surround with four sleek granite slabs, each 1¼ inches think How to Remove a Cast Iron Insert From a Fireplace Ask a family member or friend to assist you in removing the cast iron fireplace insert. Place cardboard over the hearth to keep it from being scratched by the insert. Cut the caulking around the outside lip of the cast iron fireplace insert around the extender mounting panels on the sides 1. Fireplace Update Idea: Paint the brass surround. Most brass surrounds have pieces that are removable. Unfortunately, some surrounds also have a strip of brass that separates the tile surround from the fireplace insert and this is not removable, however, once the other pieces are painted it's barely noticeable

Pearl Mantels 510-48 Newport Fireplace Mantel Surround with Medium Density Fiberboard, 48-Inch, White. 4.2 out of 5 stars. 124. $246.99. $246. . 99. Get it as soon as Mon, Jul 12. FREE Shipping by Amazon For gas fireplace inserts, you will need an operable gas line to the fireplace, venting requirements (for both gas and wood burning fireplaces) as well as understanding how to measure your existing fireplace so you can fit the insert into the unit A rusty fireplace insert can detract from the look of your entire room, making it appear old and unkempt. Rust that's on the outer edges of the insert is easy to remove to help you restore the. To remove any watermarks, use a microfiber cloth for a flawless finish. Cleaning brick and stone surrounds. These type of fireplace surrounds tend to be porous and hard to clean because of their uneven finish, which means unwanted soot and residue can remain if it's not cleaned well Pull the look of the fireplace together with repeating or complimentary details. Sticking with one line of trim ensures that the project looks cohesive and well thought out. If you decide to use fluted trim for the sides of the fireplace, choose a similar style like dentil moulding for a decorative accent under the mantel

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  1. Upon further exploration, we found that the pipe extended down the hole for ashes in the floor; just within the hole but out of the camera's line of sight was a gas valve, turned off: The good sanity-ensuring news is that there was a second valve in the basement on the back of the fireplace; it was also turned off already
  2. Make sure you check clearances to combustibles in your fireplace owner's manual and consult with your local fireplace expert before starting a DIY fireplace drywall project. Pictured: Liberty LRI4E Gas Fireplace Insert Photo credit: Walnut Creek Fireplace Fireplace Makeover Trend #7: Surrounding a Brick Fireplace with a Wood Mantle Surround
  3. Work the pry bar between the edge of the mantel and the drywall, starting at the lowest point, and slowly push the mantel away from the wall. If you are removing a ledge-style mantel, work from the bottom. However, if you are removing a surround, working at the base of the fireplace upward is best
  4. Use an ash vacuum to remove the rest of the ashes. Clean the inside surfaces of the firebox with soapy water and a sponge. For gritty areas that are hard to remove, try a strong scrub brush. Wipe down/rinse all cleaned surfaces. We've talked about the best and safest way to remove ash from your fireplace or stove
  5. How you fit fireplace tile inserts depends on what type of cast iron fireplace you have. However, the general method of fitting or replacing tile inserts is as follows. Remove the fire surround and grate. The first task involves removing the fire surround and grate. This is a fairly big job and as the surround and grate can be heavy, you may.
  6. How To Cover A Fireplace Surround And Make Mantel Tos Diy Can t figure out how to remove mantle the of a fireplace install floating some brick lower for tv making slip covered mantel replace Be the first to leave a comment

Plus you will be glad to know that not only you can update the 1970s stone fireplace but also the stone fireplace from the 1950s to the 1980s and 70's brick fireplace.. So, today, from our ultimate fireplace makeover guide, you will learn how to update a 1950s stone fireplace to a 1980s stone fireplace easily.. We have put together a few unique fireplaces surround ideas for you Initial Cleaning After Installation Fireplace and Inserts. After manufacture non- polished or matt black cast iron fireplaces, inserts, grates and baskets are protected from atmospheric moisture by the application of Iron Paste, similar to the carbon found in a pencil, which is then buffed up to a silver/black shine Inspect the edges of the fireplace - if the fireplace has a surround or backing plate covering the edges, try and remove it (if you can) or look behind it. If there are gaps and the existence of a stone/masonry encasing it is an insert. If there are no gaps and the fireplace is built into the wall, it is a fireplace Fireplace surround needs not to be bland or ordinary. You can experiment with patterns, too. In the example above, the fireplace surround employs a herringbone pattern, which certainly make the fireplace interesting. And thanks to the wood mantel, the fireplace stands out even more

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  1. March 5, 2021. 0. Gas inserts cost $2,000 to $5,500. Expect to pay more for fireplace installation if workers are challenged to get the gas line to your fireplace. - Step 1 - Turn off the Utilities. - Step 2 - Remove the Fireplace Doors. - Step 3 - Remove Insert. - Step 4 - Disconnect the Hookups. - Step 5 - Install the new.
  2. Replacing your gas fireplace may be the better option if: The fireplace is out of date. It needs significant or constant repair. You also want to replace or update the facing or surround material. You plan to sell your home. You want to use your fireplace more. You want the latest gas hearth features
  3. g part. I had just refinished the floors, plus I was planning to paint the walls later, so I covered my entire living room floor with plastic dropcloths. Then, I covered the fireplace surround with them as well. The end result looked like this
  4. Remove the fireplace damper and then test if the vent pipes will fit into the chimney flue. Take out the ash cover of the fireplace if it will hinder when placing the direct vent gas fireplace insert. Step 2- Set the Firebox. Put the firebox in place by attaching the direct vent gas fireplace insert leveling legs
  5. The Mantel is then fixed in place over the fireplace insert it is fixed to the wall with Concealed Fixing brackets for the timber surrounds or for the limestone or marble mantels you need to glue the L brackets to the inside legs and fix with screws and rawplugs to the wall two at the top and two at the bottom of the legs

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A fireplace is supposed to be an attractive focal point, but if yours is grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons, consider giving it a face-lift with beautiful tile. There are plenty of stylish options available that will transform a sad fire surround into a feature you will adore. Are you game? These 24 ideas will inspire you to create a hearthside worthy of cozying up to year-round AFTER: Dimplex BF39DXP electric insert replaced the zero-clearance wood-burning insert SHOP DIMPLEX BF INSERTS. Another electric fireplace insert with optional trim kit is the Amantii TRD-38.It's a slightly more linear shape than the other inserts, and it comes with more contemporary media kits, so it's a way to modernize the fireplace without completely changing it

Fire Surrounds and Cast Inserts: When it comes to choosing a fire surround and cast iron insert then there are a few measurements that need checking to make sure that the items you choose will work together. You need to make sure that the opening of the surround is big enough to take the cast insert that you choose How To Remove Old Fireplace Insert; Fireplace Insert Surround Ideas; Coal Fireplace Insert Electric; Can Direct Vent Insert Work With Non Brick Fireplace; Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert; Century 2900 Fireplace Insert; Best Fireplace Inserts That You Can Cook On; Best Fireplace Insert Woodstove; Replace Fireplace With Gas Insert Painting beige tiles white, for example, instantly lifts the area and looks like a whole new fireplace. Use painter's tape to seal off the edges, so you get nice clean lines, then apply three coats of Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer-Sealer (£32.99, Screwfix ). 3. Embrace the materials. Image: @woodleyandco / Instagram

Cleaning an insert is fairly straightforward, but here are some tips that will help, especially if you've never done it before. How to clean a fireplace insert. 1. Lay down a tarp or other protective material several feet out from the opening of the fireplace, and remove any items sitting in that area. The job ca plywood for shiplap strips. gas fireplace insert. MDF trim moldings to frame in corners. desired wood for building the mantle. 1. Measure & Rough-In. OK, a bit of a back track here. When doing the entire renovation, we moved the fan in the living room to another location and installed a black chandelier instead

The most important part is getting the frame for the fireplace insert correct. Build the fireplace frame. And then build a second wall wall 2 attach it 8 inches from the wall 1. Build the diy fireplace surround box beam header the mdf box beam is made from 34 mdf and 14 pine supports and has a solid front and bottom with an open back and top Oct 26, 2014 - How to Paint Brass Fireplace Doors. Bright-toned, shiny brass is a common adornment for the doors of wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts. Brass accents highlight decorative features and brighten otherwise solid black iron, but it doesn't fit well in every home. This especially is true if the fireplace doors have

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Once it is all assembled, it will be 3 ½ thick and match the bump out from the insert framing to the face of the fireplace surround. Using wood glue and 2 Power Pro screws, I attached the blocking to the first piece of plywood The most common types include gas logs, gas inserts, or a built-in gas fireplace. The technology and size will influence the unit's cost. Keep in mind that the following price estimates are for the unit only, and you'll pay more for gas fireplace installation. Built-In Gas Fireplace. Gas fireplaces come with an insert and one main difference

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G3.5 Gas Insert. With over two decades of design innovation and four generations of Legend gas insert DNA, it is no surprise that the Legend G3.5 exudes radiance, high efficiency and the ultimate in comfort control. Old wood fireplaces are highly inefficient heaters Fireplace is single-sided, and is in the living room, so, what I meant was to remove it from the alcove into the house, rather than lift it from the alcove into the attic. What I am after is how to get the fireplace out and replace it without having to rip out a wall

Kent fireplace insert; remove surround The insert is in good enough condition but the external fascia is shabby looking and made of brown enamelled metal. I want to keep the insert but remove the brown metal surround, but it seems that I can only do it by removing the entire fire place lining that goes with the insert, so I must remove the. How to Remove Fireplace Mantel - Step by step instructions. 1. Get Set-Up. Lay a tarp on the ground to help with debris cleanup. This can be a messy project, so make sure you also cover up any furniture that is in the room as well. Then, make sure the mantel is cleared off before you get started Removing all the bricks and looking up the chimney I could also see the old brick arch of the fireplace which supports the chimney above the opening of the fire, below this arch were some more bricks that had been put in to fill the curve of the arch and give a level edge to which the old gas fire was sat against

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We are currently working on a whole house renovation of a 1960's era home in MN. We have a wood burning fireplace (in what was once a family room but we have converted to a kitchen) we would like to completely remove. Could it be as easy as removing the brick surround, covering the fireplace with sh.. Typically before removing a gas fireplace you will nned to have a electrician and plumber disconnect the electrical and gas pipe connections. If you're remodeling this space you will need to deal with the electrical wire buy terminating it in a junction box or making it into an outlet in your new wall (3-sided Surrounds only) 5. Remove the knockout at the lower right corner of the surround to route the power cord if desired. 6. Install the surround to the insert by aligning the four hooks on the surround with four rectangular cutouts in the face flanges of the insert . 7. Slide the Insert with the attached Surround, into the fireplace cavity. 8 How do you remove a fireplace surround? Start with the removal of the wood surround. Pry the wood surround off the wall. Insert a pry bar between the wood and the wall along one side near the top of the mantle. Work your way toward the floor, prying the mantle off as you go Thanks for the replies. I had a feeling this might be the case. I wasn't keen to remove it just in case I broke something. The mantle and surround are quite loose so will probably remove this to strip the paint, may as well take out the insert at the same time and do the job properly as I don't want the tiles to fall out again as they might break this time !!!

The Perfect Stone for the Fireplace. Most people consider the fireplace as one of the most important areas of a home. Back then, the fireplace is the area of the home where the family would come together to keep warm and enjoy each other's company. Times have changed since then but that doesn't mean that the fireplace is any less important Insert for switch installation. 5. Remove the knockout at the lower right corner of the surround to route the power cord if desired. 6. Install the surround to the insert by aligning the four hooks on the surround with four rectangular cutouts in the face flanges of the insert . 7. Slide the Insert with the attached Surround, into the fireplace. Removing a fireplace or a chimney is certainly a job you can do yourself. The reason for removing a fireplace may vary, but many reasons may be that extra space is needed, the fireplace is damaged or you just do not use it often enough. This project will take you some grunt time depending on your skill level of diy removal projects Some cast-iron fireplaces, for example, have a surround and insert combined. Holes below the mantelpiece will help you easily attach the surround to the wall. Four fixing plates can be screwed to the back of the surround and then directly onto the wall. Antique Fireplaces and Chimneypiece Fiona Dogan, a real estate agent with Julia B. Fee Sotheby's International Realty in Rye, NY, agrees. Fireplaces are a sought-after feature among home buyers, and removing them will.

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fireplace installation methods (for surrounds having a gas fire installed) . installation of limestone multipart surrounds . note: we do not recommend this as a diy installation and strongly advise using the services of a qualifie Determine where to install the fireplace insert. The fireplace insert can be mounted on any of these surfaces: 1. A flat hard combustible or non-combustible surface 2. A raised platform of combustible or non-combustible material 3. Or, install in wood burning fireplace If the fireplace is installed directly on carpeting, tile or othe Diy fireplace surround makeover. A diy fireplace surround project is the makeover that you want in order to light up your house. How to build a fireplace surround when we took the old mantel shelf off we were left with a surface almost completely flush with the wall (one of the main reasons for this makeover) There are 3 Types of Fireplace Inserts: Wood. Gas. Electric. 1. Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts. Wood burning fireplace inserts give much more heat and enjoyment than a conventional masonry fireplace. If you plan on continuing to burn wood fire fires, and you wish for more heat, this is a good choice. Wood fireplace inserts have been around for.

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Removing Tile From Fireplace Hearth. February 17, 2020; By admin Filed Under Fireplace; No Comments Fireplace demolition day the handyman s daughter how to remove tiles chaotically creative diy tiling a surround what we learned along way my achy breaky hearth best and level this doityourself com community forums tile over marble porch daydreamer makeover removing brick retiling aroun Valuxhome Electric Fireplace, 33 Inches Electric Fireplace Insert, Fireplace Heater with Overheating Protection, Fire Crackling Sound, Remote Control, 750/1500W, Black 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,027 $319.99 $ 319 . 9

Diy Fireplace Insert Trim. 38″w x 29″h custom magnetic trim for classicflame 28″ series electric fireplace insert. After all, that tile is the primary reason i. Source : www.pinterest.com Align this board so that it is flush with the 2 side panels as pictured. Allow first coat to dry and then use a second coat [ quality fireplace surrounds that meet performance expectations. Pages Gas Fireplace Insert A gas appliance designed for installation within an existing fireplace.Usually this consists of gas logs within a metal experience with how easily the cast parts remove from the mold,the quality of the mold details,and how easily th

Buy from Amazon. Designed to fit into a fireplace with a minimum opening of 25-7/8-inch, this insert can be installed into a number of different masonry fireplaces. Once it's been properly installed, this product can produce up to 65,000 BTUs of heat, which is enough to heat up to 2,000 square feet of a home This DIY fireplace mantel tutorial is intended for those who simply want the illusion of a fireplace or a fireplace mantel shelf to style. It will not support an electric insert, though I'm sure it could be easily adapted to build it out for one! All you would have to do is frame out the surround to the depth of your electric fireplace In order for the fireplace surround to look symmetrical it's important to locate and mark the middle of the fireplace insert. To begin installing the bottom row of staggered bricks above the fireplace insert, we placed a brick on each side of the center mark. Then the first brick to be installed on the second row will be centered on the mark

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It is a capable DIY project with approximately a day or two needed to complete. Here is what you need to know about painting fireplace bricks. Analyze the Fireplace Surround. The surround of a fireplace is generally composed of some type of brick or stone. Brick is the easiest to paint Remove the brick liners and clean the back of the stove. Check and clean the exhaust vent every year or after burning two tons of pellets. Vacuum dust from the blowers. Review. If you would like to leave a review of the Enviro Empress fireplace insert, please use the form on the contact page Use a hand vacuum, shop vacuum or vacuum hose to thoroughly remove residue. Scrub inside fireplace with a stiff bristled brush and cleaning solution. Work from the top down. Repeat this process a few times if necessary. Clean the bricks on a fireplace surround with a pumice stone dipped in dish soap. For particularly stubborn soot stains, try a.