Everyone has their opinion on products and items. They are entitled to it, regardless of how bizarre or different they may seem. You can now leave your opinions on products on websites.

These websites offer a vast array of products. They include household items like crisps and shampoo, as well as electrical goods such a CD or DVD player. There is a page for each product, and you can get paid to review any of them.

A review you write on the paid-to-review website can earn you between 4 and 5 pounds. If your review is very high quality, the prize fund will award part of your monthly income. This typically means that you can get 10 extra pounds for your review. However, it is very difficult to win the prize fund money. You must write a high-quality review. It’s possible to get a part of the prize funds money every month to around 15 people.

A member of the paid review website will click on one of your reviews and give it a rating. You’ll earn money, usually a few pence. These paid review websites have millions of members. If you can get enough people to rate your reviews and to read them, you will make more money. The best way to make money on a review site is to get lots of people to review your review and rate it. It pays to have many friends.

It is simple to join a free review website and you can make money online reviewing products in no time. The most difficult part of all this is actually finding a website that pays you to write product reviews. These are rare at the moment. Two paid review websites are free to join. It’s great to join two review sites, as any review I write for one site can be copied and pasted on the second site. This doubles my earnings.

After signing up on the review site, you can login to the website to choose a product for review. If you have a camera with you, you can review the product or upload a video. After you’ve found the product and written a review about it, you need to encourage others to review and rate your review. The easiest way of doing this is by going to the Member Center section on the website, and reading/rating/commenting on other users’ product reviews. You will usually feel obliged by them to rate and review your reviews. This is how you make friends and earn money through your reviews.

Both paid review sites that I am currently using have a member-points program. Community points can be earned for reviewing new products, rating and commenting on reviews by other users. A colour scheme is available that goes along with the points system. The amount of community point earned corresponds to the colour of the member. White is the beginner’s colour. It indicates that the member may not be very skilled at reviewing reviews. Gold is the highest color in the community point’s ranking scheme. A member who has a gold blob nextto his username indicates that he can be trusted to review products well.

You will not only gain instant respect for your powerful colour ranking, but you will also get more friends and reviews that will help you earn more money.

Earnings from writing product reviews are recorded and tracked in your online account. Members can also track their earnings via the website. Once you have earned enough money, usually at least 15 pounds, then you can request cash in. This can be done via the member account page. You will be able to request a cash in. As this is my preferred method of getting paid online, I usually get paid via bank transfer. The website is secure and I have never experienced any problems with my earnings from reviews.